Recycling in Lewisham


Of course therein lies the problem with neighbours who do not play the recycling game. I did have a neighbour who just put everything including foodwaste in either the general waster or recycling bin. The bin men wouldn’t collect the recycling waste as it wasn’t recycling… and eventually they’d start filling mine.

I reported this to Veolia and they send someone around to have a chat with the neighbours. It seemed to work. Hope they offer that here too.


I agree. I think there’s a good guy on that crew who sets great standards for the rest of the team.

Edit: I should add, I realise these guys are under hellish pressure to get their routes done on time, so that extra bit of effort is really appreciated.


Our guys are great, as discussed, under massive pressure. Bins with grab handles out, a friendly wave when you see them and the service returned is very good.


For physical reasons I’m a bin assist person, but recently bins have not been put back, especially the green bin. The person at the Council who previously dealt with this for me hasn’t replied this time. As I’ve just had shoulder surgery and they know this I’m particularly upset.


I’m sorry to hear of your physical issues. Perhaps one of the @Lewisham_Councillors could offer some advice?


Agree that many will need encouragement to recycle more.

What I am intrigued by is that the food waste will be picked by the same collection as the garden waste and will go in to the same lorry! This seems like a wasteful duplication of effort to me, on the part of council and residents (we already have a compost bin and kitchen caddy). Food waste could go in a brown bin so long as it is bagged. Recyclable bags will initially be provided but will then need to be purchased, or more likely use a paper bag or newspaper - this is another education issue that I can see some struggling with. Am assuming that the food waste collection will include plate scraps and fat etc or else there is no benefit if composting already.


Dumped on Horniman Drive and Ringmore Road. Commercial refit judging by the small white shutters on the pile.

Wonder what it will cost the council to clean this lot?


I do believe I read that putting bins out with handles facing out and prompt return of your bins to inside your property was Required?
The latter is sadly ignored with some emptied bins left strewn across the pavement for days or until the next collection is due, Perhaps a polite notice left on the bins would Help? Also if bins are not placed outside the property boundary on collection day they should not be emptied a simple photo would suffice as proof should the householder complain.
The more efficient we make the collection the less excuse for council tax rises


Wysall, all I can say is good luck to you on that one.


Wysall not sure if this a typo or some cryptic Message? :thinking:


I’m about one more missed delivery and pack of lies from my binmen away from incinerating it myself in the back garden.


Typo, sorry :grin:


If you have issues with the binmen speak to them and not the council. I have a great relationship with my bin men and they go out of their way to help us. That does not include putting bins back, they just have the time. Talk to people as people and you will be surprised at how nice and reasonable they are. These are the people who have to deal with your shit, day in and day out. They get abused because someone can’t get past them, I have seen grown men get out of cars and threaten them because they have been delayed by 30 seconds. Put yourselves in the shoes of the bin men and think of the job they do and give them a break.


That would be for the working from home and haven’t had to slog into work group, right?


My husband crosses paths with our bin men on his way to the train in the morning. That would be a 6:20am.


In fairness, this does depend on when you go to work and when the bin men arrive. I know streets round here where they are still collecting at 0830. I would guess that the majority who commute are gone by then.


That’s very true. I work from home (lazy slattern that I am) and have still had to contact the council about the binmen regularly leaving my bins blocking my drive because they’ve done it while I’ve been out - obviously.

I do always give them a ‘hello’ when I see them, though.


Bin men in my road at around 6:45 to 7am so easy to catch them. Also, if people have a big enough issue and leave early I am sure they are able to arrive slightly late once in a year. Nothing in life is impossible if you really want it Mr Negative :slight_smile:


You mean Mr. Jealous.


Now lets not be picky about being picky! :slight_smile: Working from home is hard, the silence only broken by Pop Master, the long walks to local cafe’s, lunches, sitting in the Horniman Gardens checking emails. Dire, just dire :pensive: