Redecorating Forest Hill Subway [2020]

I’m really not sure where all these rampant taggers are coming from. :wink: But if someone does tag it at least it will be harder to see than on a blank canvas. We can do the same old same old in fear of others ruining our fun or we can make moves to make parts of forest hill better. 57% sounds like an actionable number to me…

The other option to keeping it bright and light is to install more lights or upgrade the current ones… Modern LED tubes are brighter and more efficient than old florescent tubes for example.

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Am I hearing light installation? Good idea.

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There is an ongoing and constant battle with graffiti up and down the high streets. I am constantly asking for it to be removed on fix my street with mainly good results but the problem is there.

If anyone would wish to talk to the Forest Hill Society about this, members of the executive will be among those helping to clean the subway at 11am on Saturday. Why not come and help out?

For future reference:


Ditto on graffiti too. Feel like the paparazzi sometimes. I am having trouble, however, doing anything on the south circular as it’s under TFL’s domaine so there isn’t an option to ‘tag’ it as graffiti, only bus stop graffiti. Any ideas?

You can still report it on fix my street. It’s Lewisham council graffiti team who get notified and good at removing it.

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Well that’s what I used to do, but if you ‘pin’ the location as the south circular all those options are removed as it becomes a TFL road and therefore the only tag option for graffiti is ‘bus shelter’. If you use that tag when it’s not a bus shelter it doesn’t get fixed. If you choose ‘other’ for example it tells you it’s not an option and you can’t report. So either way it doesn’t work. :weary:

I think I normally just put the address in or “outside Smith’s” for example. Fix my street have forwarded my post to London Overground before now if problem is on their land.

Maybe try the ‘Love Clean Streets’ app if you can - I think it filters into the same systems, but I’ve never known it to remove options based on location or road.

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