Reopening of Forest Hill pools?

Could be nothing, but looking at the font on the pages, looks like it could be connected to Better Leisure in some way:

Yep - some this was covered back in this topic which has some more details about the change of contract, though I’m afraid it doesn’t answer the burning question of just when will FH Pools reopen!

GLL (Greenwich Leisure Ltd) is the overall company name but the leisure centres trade under the name “BETTER”

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Just sharing an update on this - (and copied below) -

A phased reopening of Lewisham’s leisure centres and swimming pools will start from October 2020.

It is anticipated four leisure centres will open in the coming weeks starting with Glassmills, Forest Hill Pools and Ladywell Arena in October and Wavelengths in November. Reopening dates will be announced early October.

Our new partner, GLL is in the process of undertaking an assessment of centres. The majority of leisure centres in the borough have been closed for over six months. Downham Health & Leisure Centre, which his operated by 1Life, opened with limited services in July 2020.

GLL look forward to welcoming back the dedicated Lewisham team and is ready to start work on each of these centres to ensure that facilities are ready to welcome customers back safely. Following the long closure, necessary maintenance and deep cleaning will be undertaken as quickly as possible. All staff will be trained on the new ways of working and rules to keep everyone safe during the continued COVID-19 restrictions.

Lewisham Council is absolutely committed to an accessible leisure offer for residents. The financial challenges of reopening should not be underestimated and much depends on the general public’s willingness to return to leisure centres during ongoing uncertainty due to COVID-19.

The entire leisure sector has been hit hard by the economic impact of coronavirus and across the country, local authorities and leisure centre operators are facing similar challenges. The Council and GLL will be undertaking assessments at the other centres during October and further details will be released then.

Councillor Bourne, Cabinet member for Culture, Jobs and Skills (job share) said:

“Many people have been in touch eager to return to activities and use our leisure facilities. We very much share this enthusiasm, we want to thank everyone for their patience. We are delighted to announce that plans are well underway to safely reopen four of our leisure centres in the next couple of months.

“We cannot underestimate just how challenging the economic circumstances are for the leisure sector. The success of our leisure centres hinges on Lewisham residents feeling confident to return for a workout, a swim, to join an exercise class or participate in sport.

“Public swimming pools up and down the country are in desperate need of financial help and the #SaveLeisure campaign presents sensible suggestions for government funding to secure a sustainable future for facilities.”

Mark Sesnan, CEO of GLL said:

"We are looking forward to bringing our extensive experience successfully operating public leisure services to our new Lewisham partnership.

"Our Charitable Social Enterprise brings significant benefits for customers, council and staff - whose feedback we will be seeking as we open our leisure programmes going forward.

“Customers and staff can have complete assurance that your centres will be COVID-19 secure - with one way systems, social distancing and enhanced cleaning regimes in place.”

Published on: 17/09/2020


Just in time for Lockdown 2.0!

I do wonder about how this is going to work financially.

Yes the over 60’s are very keen to get back as they get access for free but I think the paying customers are yet to be convinced.

The previous practice of keeping the centre open for 14 hours seems expensive. I think they should look at opening for fewer hours but making it free for everybody and accept that as a revenue model initially to get people in with appropriate hygiene and social distancing procedures.

I guess on the positive side, GLL already has centres open in other Boroughs and so hopefully already have some experience of what is safe, practical and financially viable.

I’m sure it still won’t be easy for them though.

I’ve been going to Charlton lido whilst FH pools have been shut and it’s been well attended. I think the pent up demand is there, just not sure how long until lockdown rules might change things again…

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I wasn’t aware that the over 60’s get free gym membership in Lewisham ?
where did you see this?

I don’t know about gym costs but there is free swimming. Hopefully they keep it so I eventually qualify for it.

Has anyone got any more news about this? The plan was to open in October.

Well, I do sort of have some news - my son got his ‘transition to GLL’ employment contract in the post over the weekend so things are moving along - nothing more concrete than that.


My company is deep cleaning all three reopening centres - FHP, Wavelengths and Glass Mill - for GLL over the next three weeks.

So I’d expect early November will be reopening based on that, but not sure on the details yet


Any more lockdown and there will be no gyms, shops. cafes or pubs left. Fingers crossed the pools reopen. I’m getting desperate.

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in confirming the re-opening date - it is taking longer than expected. I was told that we’d be able to announce the re-opening date this week and I am following this up with Council officers. I will confirm as soon as I can.



What happens with old Fusion membership? There is no helpful information on the Fusion website, has anyone had their membership changed to GLL or has it just been cancelled?

I’ve had an email from the new people saying that Fusion membership is going to be automatically transferred to them.


FHP on Nov 30th

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From the above page: