Repair not Replace timber sash windows

Hi, the topic was brought up a few years ago but no businesses were suggested that I could see.

Could anyone recommend someone/a service that can repair rotting timber window frames?

My budget will not allow me to replace the windows with timber & pvc is not an option due to uniformity of the property I live in.
It’s more than a diy window filler job unfortunately & needs a professional.

Your suggestions welcome, thanks in advance!

@Emak5 if it is the FH conservation area restricting you - Lewisham council doesn’t seem to give a shit about the window types.
I had rotting wooden windows and proper double glazing saves a fortune in heating and noise reduction (and helps save the planet)

Thank you @John_Wilson that’s good to know. While yes of course I’ll keep that in mind, what I do need is someone specifically for wood windows restoration.

I’d be really grateful if anyone could offer any further wisdom, or connect me with a company that will actually reply :grimacing:

@Emak5 Sure I’ve recommended the Sash Guy before - a man called Guy - who specialises in wooden windows. He came out and fixed mine about 6-8 years ago when I honestly thought that two were beyond repair. He only had to replace one sash (not the whole frame so doesn’t sound as a new window) - and he draught proofed them which made a massive difference.

I don’t have his number any longer but this is his website

Wonderful, thank you so much @applespider

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