Replacement General Waste Bin - how long to wait?

My general waste bin was broken (wheel axel had come apart). The bin men took the black bin away last week but didn’t leave a replacement so, after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, Lewisham have ordered a new replacement in for me. It was supposed to be delivered the next day (Thursday). That didn’t happen… I was then informed there’s probably a backlog in delivering bins due to coronavirus (the new catch all excuse for everything) and that I would get it on Monday or Tuesday. As of 13.27, still no bin… I have sent a chaser email to Lewisham but am not holding out much hope of getting the new one in the next day or so. Does anyone know what the usual waiting period is? I have had to use my garden waste bin to store my general waste bags, which means, of course, that I can’t use the garden waste until the new black bin arrives…

We ordered a recycling bin in July and were told delivery in September. So based on my experience months…
Would hope it is a lot quicker for your black bin!

Lewisham have responded to my email and have put an urgent request in, so hopefully should have it by the end of the week. Let’s see. I just find it odd that they would take it away without leaving a replacement one… it’s lucky that I have a garden waste bin to temporarily store bin bags… not sure what I would do if I didn’t.

When we had ours replaced (same problem - the bin people somehow broke a wheel off) it took a couple of weeks to get the new one, and yes, they took the old ‘unsafe’ one away first too!

Unfortunately the replacement was half the size, and despite furious recycling, it would have been impractical. So we rejected it and had to wait another few weeks for an actual like-for-like replacement.

Good luck!


In my experience they don’t tell you anything and then leave them outside your house and it chance whether you or your neighbours get them
Though my wheels stay on - they have ripped all the lids off (which they occasionally replace with green lids for black bins giving us no bins)

What road are you on - maybe someone nearby with spare bin space could take some of your waste to help out in the meantime?

Or thinking about @John_Wilson’s bin lid conundrum, could you get a black lid temporarily on your brown bin and have that collected if you ask Lewisham very nicely?

That problem could be solved if bins were assigned to properties. I mean that each bin should be embossed with the number/name and post code of the property to which it is assigned. That would also help Lewisham keep track of how many bins each property has. If there is a serious intent to reduce waste and to recycle, then assigning appropriate capacity to each household needs to be part of the programme. Obviously Lewisham can’t do this overnight, but they can start with every new bin they provide, and they could also start scooping up ‘orphaned’ bins that are parked unclaimed on some streets.

Isn’t that roughly what the ideas to micro-chip bins and weigh them during unloading did and set out to achieve?

Here’s an article from 10 years ago:

‘Pay as you throw’ is a good name :slight_smile:

Nice idea with a couple of real issues. 1) People will throw crap in your bins 2) Lewisham hasn’t issued every property a bin. I live in converted houses where the guy downstairs has split his flats into many studios - but apparently I need to share my bins with more properties

I removed post as I realised you were looking for a black bin

Snap. Block of 6 flats now 9 households.
Currently in battle with council as bins should be collected every week as in flats and no food bins (were never issued when system introduced). Bins only collected every fortnight and stink. Report missed collections nothing. To be fair I called council. Got instant call back and someone said would look into it. Did say something was wrong. Still waiting. We gave bin men a 6 pack of cold water today cos the bins are always overflowing and they have to deal with it but also not being collected frequently enough. Going round in circles.
Also completely off original post although guess marginally saying rubbish policy doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Parents bins in germany all have bar code to scan. Pay for minimum x collections a year (so not incentives to dump all rubbish in neighbours) plus however many more need. But also is a small village where you know neighbours so self monitoring in progress. Harder in Lewisham

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Our black bin was stolen on Monday, and Lewisham have promised a replacement tomorrow. I’ll let you know if it arrives…


I think that works where it’s houses but not if it’s flats maybe. We just fill up the first black, green or food bin and then the next one and so on. That way we aren’t needing to put out lots of half empty bins. But it also means we don’t know whose rubbish is where.

Success - I have a new bin!!


By pure coincidence, I happened to look out the front window and saw a van with lots of new bins parked on the street in front of the house next door. Assuming that he was dropping off my bin, I went outside.
He had already offloaded a new bin and was closing up the van. He had put it outside the house next door. I asked the man if he had a new bin for my address as well. Apparently, the bin WAS for my address (except he only had the house number and not the flat number).

So, not only had he put it in the wrong place, but he also didn’t know the full address. There was nothing on the bin to indicate that it is intended for my address. It was left outside the wrong house. And, as it’s bin day, it was mixed in with all the other bins that are on the street.
Only for the fact that I happened to see him, I am pretty sure that it would have gone walkabout or I would not have seen it.


Phew - that must be a relief!

Hopefully you got your bin before the collection rounds so don’t have another 2 weeks to wait?

Yep… next general collection is Wednesday next week!

And I can finally cut the lawn as the garden waste bin is back in action!

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They certainly do go walkabout. There is a Croydon Council bin on Catford Hill!

Ha… I have just had a gentleman ring my doorbell from Lewisham Council calling about the bin repair I ordered. Not the same guy I managed to grab the new one from this morning. When I told this second gentleman that someone dropped it off earlier, he went on his merry way. I had to laugh… completely back to front…

New bin arrived today, as promised!