Replacing windows

Hello all, could anyone direct me towards a someone who might replace my old wooden windows for new ones, for security purposes?
Thank you!

Hi @Emak5, you may find the recommendations here helpful: Seeking recommendation for uPVC windows

Can anyone recommend a windonw fitter to replace wooden framed windows with new wooden frames?

Try The Sash Guy - his name is Guy - who worked magic on my wooden sashes. I thought three of them were beyond saving but he ended up only having to fully replace one lower sash and ‘fixed’ the others - which meant the building control checks weren’t required.

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Another thumbs up for The Sash Guy… we had all our windows replaced with lovely double glazed wooden sashes and he did a good job for a good price.

Hi Will. Came across this topic while looking for sash window recommendations! I just wondered if The Sash Guy assisted with your planning application (if one was required). Replacing the windows in my flat will require one and it’s something I’m likely to be a little out of my depth with! Thankyou.

Hi Joanne, no he didn’t do the planning permission for us, that was already arranged when we bought our place. If you are Perry fields conservation area I could share the details.

Thanks so much Will. I am in the Perry Vale and Christmas Estate conservation area.