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Business owners - you are more than welcome to use just as other users do. We ask that you create separate account(s):

…for posting on behalf of your business

  • Use a dedicated account for your business, with the business name as the username (and your logo as the profile photo).
  • Create an introductory topic about your SE23 business free of charge.
  • If you’d like to create subsequent topics about your business, please see our guide to commercial posting
  • When members mention your business, feel free to respond to them.
  • If you can offer a discount to members, mention it in your topic, and we’ll ensure it’s more accessible (via the “Discounts” link in the menu)

…for posting in a personal capacity

  • Please use a separate personal account. Please don’t use your business name as your username, and don’t include anything business-related in your profile photo.
  • It’s fine to mention your business in your bio.

Non-profit events / organisations

  • Non-profits, i.e. Forest Hill Society, Police, Library etc are welcome to post free of charge in the main forum.
  • Please post at a rate that’s fair to other organisations - if unclear please email "How To" Guides for Businesses

I would like to set up a business page, so I can do a post, how would I go about it?

Kind regards,

L Fagan


Hi Lorna. We don’t really have the concept of business pages in the same way as Facebook. At least, not at the moment.

Do you perhaps mean a business profile that you can use to comment as your business? If so, you’ll need to log out and then create another account. Perhaps named “Ls_Boudoir” - you can then use the logo as your profile picture and put details and a link to your website in the bio.

We’d ask that you only use this business profile to respond to members’ questions about your business. If you’d like to start new topics about L’s Boudoir there is a small fee for each topic.


Thanks Chris, sorry to take you away from your holiday.