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Local business owners - you are more than welcome on

We ask that you create separate account(s):

…for posting on behalf of your business

  • Profile:

    • Use a dedicated account for your business, with the business name as the username (and your logo as the profile photo). For a good example, see @ClaptonCraft’s profile.
    • Include a link to your website , if you have one. A link in your bio and posts will help the Google ranking of your website
    • Include opening hours in your post and bio - this is a frequently asked question to local businesses
  • Posting:

    • All local businesses can create one topic per year, free of charge. :gift:
    • There is a small fee if you’d like to create more topics. Use our easy and secure online payment system here: Paid topics are pinned to the homepage for two days to guarantee visibility
    • If you’d like to post a topic about your free-of-charge event (for example, a free taster yoga class), this is free of charge - up to a a maximum of one topic per month.
    • Please avoid promoting your business in replies to other topics around the forum. We prefer that you use your own topics to do so (as per the above points)
    • Include images in your posts to maximise their impact (images will automatically feature in any social media shares of forum posts on Facebook / Twitter)
    • Encourage feedback and engagement. This is a collaborative forum and members often help local businesses with ideas and constructive criticism. Note that it’s always free of charge to respond to member mentions of your business
    • If you receive any negative feedback, a positive response (politeness, humility etc) can ensure your business maintains or improves its public perception. We use a “verified” accounts system to emphasise posts from people who are genuine, local residents - this helps mitigate anonymous troll accounts. People are, on the whole, very supportive of new businesses.

…for posting in a personal capacity

  • Please use a separate personal account.
    • Please don’t use your business name as your username
    • Please don’t include anything business-related in your profile photo.
  • It’s fine to mention your business in your bio, but please avoid promoting it in your post from your personal account

Non-profit events / organisations

  • Non-profits, i.e. Forest Hill Society, Police, Library etc are welcome to post free of charge in the main forum.
  • Please post at a rate that’s fair to other organisations - if unclear please email "How To" Guides