Resurfacing of Brockley Rise



Been going up and down it for the past few days both on bike and in car, and have to say, it is one of the worst, most patchy, uneven “resurfacing” jobs I have seen in years.

In fairness Brockley Rise was never a good canvas to start with, but as they near the Chandos, I am left wondering if they will repair the underlaying issues at the bus stop opposite Duncombe Hill, i.e the road sinking.

Further back down by Rickmans Pharmacy, the work around the drain covers is also a bit lacking, with drops into them, rather than nearer flush.

I wonder now if they will carry on along the B218, past Honor Oak Road, and finally sort out the ever deteriorating surface down by St Hilda’s.

I will have to find out if there are different standards of finish when resurfacing road. When Church Rise was done recently, it was done with a much better finish. Will have to see how long the surface on Brockley Rise lasts now.


How long did that last? Lol


Not again surely?


Fraid so… Still open in both directions at the moment, but digging underway just outside the pub. Been leaking there a few days now.


I did chuckle when I saw this. I wonder, did the resurfacing cause the burst water pipe hence angry Thames Water guy, or did the pipe burst of its own accord, resulting in angry council! Either way 2 blokes were having heated discussion when they arrived to fix the job.
Then one bloke left on his own digging at 8.30pm tonight, poor guy!


Totally agree with this. The drop into some of the road accessories is shocking and there appear to be a couple of random dips in the road. I wonder whether the crew were inexperienced or just in a hurry to explain how poorly the job has been done.

As I understand it, regardless of the fact that the road is being dug up again tonight, there would be an inspection afterwards and I’d be amazed if the road as it is / was would pass any sort of quality control check.


Please report back to the forum here, how you get on asking questions about this.


Indeed, cycles of all types will get a proper jolt going over some of those “deviations”. Time to memorise the road again.
That said, it’s definitely better than it was. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that eh.

Don’t hold your breath, this is Lewisham after all.


This is the standard quality of roadworks in Lewisham.


Does anyone’s know if they will continue up Stondon Park? The area outside the vets is particularly bad. More pothole than there is road.


I was wondering the exact same thing. If any part of the road needed it, it is there. Hope so, as that’s part of short commute route and it’s a nightmare on the bike.

Really curious about the bus stops too now. Doesn’t look like any work was done beneath the surface, so will no doubt sink.


Fingers crossed but I guess it’s much more of a complex operation with all the on street car parking. All the gravel surroinding the cars is a nightmare too.


We’re not beggars, we’re residents and Council Tax payers. Why are expectations so low? Why does work have to be poor quality?


Figure of speech, not my actual feelings on the matter.
Seems road resurfacing all over is a very hit and miss affair. Would love to know who checks this work before signing off on payment for it.
Clearly they are the ones with the low standard.


On a related but different note, does the bus-lane next to the pub at this point ever get monitored/enforced. There is a moped usually parked, perpendicular to the kerb blocking the cycle way completely, and quite often several cars parked at rush hour.


I have to say on most occasions I have driven down past there during bus lane hours, the lane has been clear. I have seen reports in the past, of it being obstructed, but not seen it as a regular thing. That said, I ride a different these days, so don’t see it unless I commute by car.

I would assume it was manually monitored, but worth raising with Lewisham Parking Enforcement.


You make it sound as though that’s actually possible - that you could locate this entity (Lewisham Parking Enforcement), ask a question, and get a reasonable answer. Please let us know how you get on.


I will leave that to someone who it actually concerns. Last time I reported an issue, it was resolved. For one reason or another.

Sit on your hands, get nothing…


Generally I agree with you and I think it is important to complain. I’m just sharing here that with Lewisham my questions are not answered. I have tested the complaints process, and used FOI.

Also important to offer praise and acknowledge when things work well. A couple of years back the postal delivery service in our street was poor, loads of misdeliveries. That has changed and the service is good and I’m very grateful for that and thankful for the people who make it happen.


Indeed I agree, and always try and find balance when interacting with any such authorities.

Elsewhere I am amused to see that the parts of Sundays London Marathon route which I ride on daily to work, are hurridly being repaired in time for the big day. Shame the same attention to detail is not given the other 364 days of the year to the regular users.