[Reunited] Found Dog - Garthorne Rd



This pup followed my own dog and I home this afternoon, from Garthorne Rd. He’s very friendly and very hyper and there’s no way at all I can keep him. He’s already driving my grumpy dog mad. Does anyone recognise him? I’m on Devonshire Rd.


Have you called any local vets? They can check for a microchip.


I’ve not had time, but that will definitely be the next step.


Pup has been dropped off at the council kennels.We went for a long walk in the hopes he’d take me to his house but no luck. He just would not relax and things were getting tense with my own dog. I tried separating them but they made a terrible racket trying to get back together. He’s such a sweet boy, but so stressed. I sincerely hope he’s microchipped so his owners can be found. He’s in perfect shape, I’m sure he has a home.


Hi I think that this is a friend dog who went missing last night which kennels did he go to please? Many thanks marion



The kennels are at the Wearside Service Depot in Wearside Rd, Ladywell.

Fingers crossed it’s the right pup. I’d be so grateful if you could let me
know if it is. He’s such a sweetheart and he looked so lost.

Best wishes


Do let us know how this turned out, I feel quite anxious about the poor little mite !


I will. I want to know too. Considering his state, the kennels were the best place for him I think. It was quiet, warm and dark - no distractions, so he could decompress a bit. I’ve not seen a dog that hyper anxious ever in my life! He was with me for 12 hours and relaxed for maybe 2 minutes in all. If his owners are a fraction as worried it’s going to be a most joyous reunion.


@Marion_Barry @Thea_Potgieter post a reunion photo back on here and make everyone’s day :grinning: Keen to see a happy ending to this topic, and to see this lovely dog back with its owner.


Hi all

Just spoke to the council and pup was reunited with his very grateful owners yesterday!

Wish I had a picture, but the good news will do.


Hi everyone A GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR getting jack reunited with his very grateful emotional owner who has asked me to pass on his sincere thanks to all of you especially the caring person who looked after him so well. THANKS AGAIN X


Jack! So glad to find out stray pup’s name. Beyond happy he’s been returned home, it was a pleasure to help out. Sincerely hoping I run into Jack - and his owner - again some time. Feeling pretty happy about the SE23 community too, I just knew there’d be a board of helpful souls on the interwebs!


Just a quick update jack is doing well and happy to be home (not as happy as his owner ) thanks again x


Please give him a big fat cuddle from me when you see him.