Revealed: the 10 London 'villages' brushing off Brexit with steady property value growth


Fashionable Honor Oak was a star in south-east London. The research by Hamptons International found that prices rose there by almost seven per cent year on year — almost £36,000 in cash terms — to an average of £537,600.

An average flat in an area which was put on the map by the arrival of fast London Overground rail services to the City now costs almost £412,000. An average house costs almost £693,000.


I’m just glad we moved here before the overground came!

I still remember driving here and thinking how green it was and what a nice feel it had. We were first time buyers and had looked around lots of areas based on an evening standard guide to cheaper areas for first time buyers. Stratford was an option pre Olympics, Walthamstow having realised where we grew up in West London was out of our price range.

Have loved living here. My only concern is secondary schools but a few years to go before I have to look at things in earnest and make my own judgement.

The price rises have been good for some who have made money out of it, and bad for others who wanted to stay in the area but have had to move out.


But are properties actually selling?


The properties for sale in the windows of Sebastian Roche and Lilypad seems to sell and change fairly quickly.

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Not sure now. When I moved here we met quite a few people who had bought 1-2 bedroom flats, pre-overground and pre- kids. When prices went up post the overground and people moving in and house prices going up quickly, they could no longer afford to move to larger properties so moved away. There was a point when houses and flats were going to sealed bids not that many years ago but things appear to have stabilised more I think.

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