Rise Cafe



Excellent news. Does anyone know anymore info about this?


Work on the exterior seems to have started.


Does anyone know what’s happening with this? There’s now a sign up saying it’s going to be a Caribbean takeaway? What happened to the coffee shop?

That’s just the old cover / sign from the old establishment that they have for security shutters. It’s still on track to be the new cafe Rise


Any thoughts on this place? I went at the weekend. I’m going to give it another visit before passing judgement.

£2.20 for a cup of tea…

I’ve visited a couple of times now. Once for sit in coffee and nibbles. Once for a takeaway. The coffee is great. The food was ok- but it was their second day and the service was friendly and welcoming. Will definitely go back. It’s a lovely space.


Hi Matthew, I’ve just joined this site and good to see there has been some chat about Rise! Thanks for giving us a try, we’d love to know more about your experience. We welcome all feedback and are more than happy to speak about issues at the time (or via our feedback forms). As you know we are totally new to this and will only succeed by making our customers happy so we want to grow and adapt to people’s needs. So… good and bad, all feedback is invaluable. We hope to see you again soon! Sarah


Thanks Pea :smile:

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Hi Ross, do you think it’s a bit spendy? We serve tea by the pot, and also it’s fancy tea by Zig Zag which is ethically sourced etc etc but we’ll take the feedback onboard if you do. We lowered the price of our coffee as it was a bit too much on reflection, so happy to look at the tea prices too! Thanks for highlighting. Sarah


So good to see the business on here :slightly_smiling_face:.

Before I mention the few minor things I personally didn’t like I want to say there are a lot of things to like about it, great coffee, nice space, good menu, highchair actually fits the table, toys available.

I have been a few times and overall had good experiences. Things not for me personally, paying first when you order (I end up not ordering the second coffee usually because of this), the most inviting seat for me is beside the kitchen so can be noisy with cutlery being cleaned (not very hygge ;)).

Overall a really good addition to the cafe scene


Hi Charlo, thanks for all the feedback! Glad you’re liking it so far, but very good point about the cutlery. Good news…we got our new dishwasher fitted yesterday so no more clanging!! We hope it will make it more hygee :smile:
Paying first is a tough one, we looked at Arlo & Mo, Freds, MyJammi etc etc and see they use that model and lots of people have said they like it as they can leg it when the kids kick off without having to worry about then having to pay, but it won’t suit everyone. We’ll chat about it some more. Thanks again, and hope to see you soon. Sarah

I think the “pay first” model works best for me. Avoids me having to remember to pay, and means I can leave without queuing to pay or getting someone’s attention.


I think it’s comes down to quick and efficient staff. Looking around, asking if you want something else, bringing the bill promptly when you ask along with the card machine!

It is super frustrating waiting but to me that is just bad service and shouldn’t be the norm, that i think we have come to accept.

Sidenote is that I have a toddler and yes legging it out the door can sometimes be a bonus!

Some places give you the choice - pay now or as you leave. I wouldn’t expect a local cafe to bring me the bill and a card machine, though. Everywhere I go locally that is a cafe rather than a restaurant takes payment at the counter.


I’d agree 100% with paying first at the counter. Bringing the bill always adds time and seems awkward in a place like a cafe.

In a restaurant, different story. There’s a defined flow and the bill comes at the end and you can check that everything is ok.

The B&G cafe at Mayow Park does a nice thing where you can choose either. I often ask if I can pay at the end in case we fancy a slice of cake after lunch / brunch.

edited to add in either case I’d be expecting to go to the counter. Not to have the bill brought to me.


I wouldn’t expect the bill to be brought to me in cafe- either pay at the beginning or pay at the counter at the end would be what I’d expect?

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