Rise Cafe



Giving the choice is good as it satisfies all customersand as we can see above personal preferences!

Not sure why a cafe would always be pay at counter though, they have staff! Not expecing silver service but if you are bringing food to the tables and coffee not sure why paying is a big deal?

Anyway paying after always allows for giving a good tip for great service and I think most cafe staff would appreciate that.

@rise_cafe yeah for dishwashers :):grinning:


A little straw poll:

For cafes like Rise:

  • I prefer to pay when ordering
  • I prefer to pay at the end of my meal
  • I don’t mind either way
  • Other (please comment)

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You’re brave, inciting feedback like this! I think your café is lovely, adore the plant hanging over the fireplace and think the whole place is very stylish. Don’t mind when I pay. Keep it up.x


This, to me, looks a business that really cares and wants to learn about its customers’ preferences and then to try to accommodate them where it can.
Obviously, it’s not going to be able to make all of its customers 100% happy but what business does!


Do you have opening hours/ a menu posted anywhere? Always looking for weekend breakfast options!


Hi Lee, we are open 0730-1600 hrs Monday-Friday and Saturday 9-4pm (at the moment, longer hours and Sundays to come soon)

Lots more coming to the menu shortly too! Hope to see you soon.


Really great new cafe - great breakfast, coffee and even better service. Wonderful addition to HOP.


Thanks Alexander! Hope to see you again soon.



Hi Sarah. Honestly it was a bit too herby for my liking and a bit on the small side.