Road resurfacing plans


Anyone have any idea where I can find info on this. Seem marking appear on the road for measuring, which usually indicates resurfacing. Probably early stages, but wondered if the schedule is listed anywhere.


Can’t find it but Lewisham do list the contractor here


Yeah I found that list too, guess it’s one of those things that just happens in reality. I’m just being nosey, and hoping my trip to the south circular daily will be more fun lol


Now the big question, will they reconfigure the speed humps to get rid of the slalom?


Answer is no the cushions remain. Which for most cars mean you can transverse without incident. However if you drive a small possibly greener vehicle its a nightmare. So perhaps Lewisham want people to buy bigger cars?


Yup, I noticed that replacing my Honda Jazz with something sportier (and wider) has certainly improved the experience over Lewisham’s road clutter. :+1: