Road works - South Rd, Shipman Rd

Hi all
Have noticed some fairly extensive markings laid out on pavements right up South Road and into the Shipman Rd area where I live. I think they started work on South Rd today. But haven’t had any notice about the works nor can I find anything on the council website about what they’re doing.

Just worried as we work from home at the moment and have a 1-year-old who already struggles to nap - the last thing we need right now is extensive works on the pavement just outside! Anyone got more info? Or, alternatively, a way of sending a snarky message to whoever planned it for during lockdown…?

According to the council have a statutory requirement to give notice to utility companies of roads and footpaths which they propose to resurface and footpaths they plan to reconstruct. Supposedly this is so that the road or pavement can be protected from planned works for up to five years!

Both South Road and Shipman Road are shown on the footpath reconstruction notices for 2020/21 but there are no further details as to specific work or dates. As there are several other local footpaths showing I’ve copied the whole document below:

Perhaps one of the Perry Vale Councillors could advise you on who to contact for further details. Their details are on

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Many thanks, Chris!