Rogues gallery


We’ve got a few posts collecting CCTV or pics of nefarious characters up to no good in the area. I was wondering if there could be a tag or thread with just these posts so they can all be quickly reviewed?

I know there is the crime category, but this would be a bit more specific?


Good idea. Let’s tag those topics.

How about #most-wanted ? (Let me know if you can suggest a better tag)

Trust-level-3 members are able to add tags to topics on, so please do help out by adding tags where appropriate. :+1:


Good tag name!

I added it to a couple of old posts, and added a date to one that was missing but described, but it bumped the post up to the top again - oops, sorry!


No worries about that, I will un-bump. Thanks for adding tags and dates :+1:


You might want to be careful about posting things like CCTV etc in relation to criminal activity. You risk opening yourselves up to contempt and defamation charges.


It’s an interesting point and certainly depending on what is posted and how it is represented there could be issues you describe, but that’s for posters to make their own judgement and there is plenty of advice elsewhere on the web. Obviously sending footage or pictures to police maybe some people’s preference or first port of call, but I’ve first hand experience of that going nowhere and not even being followed up when they said they would.

Unlike Twitter and all that stuff, from what I’ve seen here the posts seem reasonable and factual, though I’m no lawyer.

So if posters are asking for help, I think adding appropriate tags to help organise the information as helpfully as possible is worthwhile.