Royal Mail issues for East Dulwich residents



Gripes on the East Dulwich forum feature in a Guardian article.

Lost bank cards, letters taking a month to arrive, several days between deliveries and, most frustrating of all, 60-minute waits in the rain to pick up parcels that could not be delivered: these have all been endured by East Dulwich residents who are furious that Royal Mail appears to be failing to provide the service it is legally obliged to offer.

A long thread on the East Dulwich Forumsite reveals the scale of the problems. Residents say valuable items have been left on doormats all day in full view of the street. Some report giving up on home delivery and asking for items to be sent to their workplace instead. Others use courier firms.

Link: Royal Mail queues lengthen as depots close across UK


This was featured on ITV News this evening.


“In terms of disorganisation, we’re really organised.”
“I’m sorry if people feel like that, but we’re very much on top of things.”
“I don’t know those specific examples you’re giving.”

Wow, that Royal Mail guy couldn’t sound more of an arse. They’ve got their heads in the sand.

I hope that never happens to our Royal Mail depot in FH.

I wonder if Royal Mail should be looking to make use of the Amazon Locker / Doddle / Collect+ style of last mile logistics. The idea of a postie carrying parcels to be delivered to a lot of people who aren’t in, and then having to staff extended opening hours to facilitate people picking them up manually, is fairly inefficient.