Rubbish Dumpers

Fed up of seeing Grounds & Grapes staff dumping their empty boxes and other rubbish besides the bins or on top of bins instead of using the bins provided.
Apparently they have the big blue bin which are locked so public can’t use…did they loose the key or can’t be bothered to use it or they don’t have a bin?? This seems to be drawing attention to fly tipping and others just dumping rubbish. I tried calling the number to inform them & all it does is rings. Sorry but not acceptable behaviour really!!!

I think @Latoyahl, who has posted here, is involved with the place (which is great, btw). Hopefully she will see this.

Thank you!!

There’s probably a balancing argument here (because I know Latoyah).
Lewisham sells blue waste bags to businesses so they can put their rubbish out on the street in the evening for early morning collection.
Unfortunately, Lewisham aren’t always as organised with their delivery of bags to businesses as they are at taking their money.
By the way, they run a similar (but free) service with orange bags for households above shops so’s time avoid street clutter with wheelie bins; and delivery of bags is sometimes an issue there as well.

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All these policies and rules Council set in place but lack of responsibility about it all round or limited whatever’s.
What annoys me a little is the quick penalty notices or fines given about these kind of issues.
And yes I am guilty has charged for cleaning up other people mess because I care. I think I shall stop now because it’s getting to me and I am allowing it to how sad. I do however appreciate the feedback given.

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