Running buddies


Hi everyone. I’ve just finished a training block with Elkie and have signed up for a half marathon in September.

I was wondering if anyone fancies joining me for a run? - I’m happy to do 5/10/15 kms and generally will plod along at 4:30-5:00/km pace but if thats to fast and we go in the weekend, I can take my son (in a running buggy) and that slows me down to about 5:00-5:30/km. Evenings after 7:30 or the weekend are good.

Drop a comment below if you fancy getting out for a gallop. I generally run around the green spaces of waterlink way/Blythe Hill but always open to new route suggestions.Actually even if you dont fancy a run and have a route suggestion - please share below!

Looking for running partners around Sydenham Hill/Forest Hill area

I’m up for it once I get my back sorted. Driving me nuts.


Hello, I’m new to Forest Hill and am a keen runner. If there are any people who would be up for buddying up for some runs then please get in touch. Thanks, Mark


Welcome to Forest Hill and, @MarkyMark. I’ve moved your post into the existing topic.


Hi @MarkyMark I’ve been really slack over the last week and done nothing, so would be keen to head out for a conversational pace run over the weekend to get the legs moving again. Can meet anywhere in SE23


Hello Ryan, how would BH Monday late aft / early evening work for you? Maybe through Dulwich / Sydenham Woods.


Not quite the same thing, but GoodGym have what they call coach runs as a way of committing their members to a regular run.

I’ve found a route via Blythe Hill where I can fit in a few hill sprints!

Running routes in SE23?

Sounds good. How is 18:00 outside WH smiths on Monday? And of course any one else who wants amble along is welcome


Hey Ryan, sorry for the late reply but I’ve just got back into London and I am currently without any running shoes (incident with the washing machine). I’ve ordered a new pair so maybe we could get a run in next weekend?

Hi Tim, I’ll take a look at that link…always good to incorporate a few hills.

Fancy a run at the weekend as well?



I hope the new shoes arrive soon @MarkyMark! This coming weekend sounds good. I went out for a run on Monday anyway - 7.5kms (with lots of opportunities to extend (to either Crystal Palace or Dulwich) around the route


Dear runners.
Just a heads up, if you use Strava to record your runs, you can know also use Relive. Great little app for putting together the data from your run along with any pics, in a neat little summary video like this one…


that looks nice @anon64893700 although I use polar kit at the moment, and the summary video functionality is built into their app ecosystem. It even colour codes the route with your heart rate.


Weekend runs are ParkRuns for me. This Saturday I’ll be running Bromley for the first time


Anyone interested in running the Brockley Three Peaks challenge, Saturday July 1st, 11.00 am?

I contacted the organisers, who said runners as well as walkers would be welcome, but I’d feel a bit uncomfortable being the only runner.

Here’s the route, as far as I can tell, in Strava

I’ll probably do a recce of the route anyway, so I don’t have to stop to work out where to go, which I’d be happy to run with a buddy.


Hot, sweaty and not very fast, especially given the extra distance thanks to forgetting to go through Camberwell Cemetery!