Running course 8 weeks starting 21 March 2020

he Dulwich Park Runners Spring 2020 Beginners Course starts on Saturday 21st March 2020

Every Saturday for 8 weeks – arrive by 8.50am for a 9.00am start, £40 for the entire course.

The course is aimed at anyone new to running, or returning to running. We run in Dulwich Park, meeting by the entrance to the new car park, inside the College Road entrance.

Each participant will be mentored by a member of your local running club

To reserve a place please complete the registration form which can be found on our website

Please e-mail with any questions

Alternatively, just run around the park for free. I mean, why pay £40 ? What exactly are they going to tell you that you didn’t know already?

Yes you could just run round the park for free, no problem with that. But some people would benefit on being shown some good ways to warm up and down to avoid injuries. Also they may want some advice on how to train to start running further and to have someone offering tips on how tiny changes to technique can make you run faster, more efficient and again less likely to injure yourself. For some, £40 over eight weeks would be worthwhile.


Many years ago when I did a few Triathlons, I did a couple of days of swimming and running training, with some other (mostly) novices to the sport. I was hugely helpful and doing it with other people and coaches who provided encouragement was also great. I am sure there is some data somewhere about how training with other people can be beneficial - and it can be a nice social thing to. At £5 a session it sounds good value for me, and you can then move onto park runs etc.

Not for everyone, but if I wanted to get into running I’d consider it those little tips can prove very helpful, as can the weekly structure to get you going.


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