Running routes in SE23?

Hi Chris, do you have any running routes around Forest Hill at all? No more than 5k, or is there a thread on here somewhere that discusses it? Thanks!

I don’t think we have an existing topic for this, no, although some good suggestions on the following topic: Running buddies

let’s see what people can come up with…

I used to run round Dulwich park as it pretty much a mile but I stick to my bike these days.
The River Pool linear walk and further down into Beckenham is also a nice area to run…

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I have 2 local routes which are about 5k down local roads:

  1. up brockley rise, right at top of the cemetery, along to ladywell, down through the park and back along the south circ (or roads 1 street up if you like a hill challenge)
  2. start at Forest Hill station east side, run south down dacres road, continue onto silvertown, (stop off in mayow park for a circuit or to use the outdoor gym if you like), turn right into Sydenham Road, turn right at next crossroads onto Kirkdale Road, follow all the way back to horniman museum (and then turn right to go back down to fh station if you like)
    I have plenty more so let me know if we need more!

A jog down to Peckham Rye and back would be about 5k. Mid-way stop for a snack at Cafe G optional :yum:

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Thanks everyone, so many great ideas! Will give them all a try :slight_smile:

I’d also recommend signing up to strava and using their route creator tool to plan some local runs. It’s good to get an idea on distances and you can see where others are running too.
Also, join parkrun - they do lots of local 5k runs on Saturday mornings and the one in dulwich Park is a nice easy flat one to start with.

Thanks, been meaning to try a ParkRun near here :slight_smile:

I have 5km and 10km running loops around Forest Hill.

The 5km route is (deliberately) hilly, taking in 3 steep hills (Honor Oak, Westwood Park, Sydemham Hill):

The 10km route is flatter going round Camberwell Cemetery and Peckham Rye:

And then I often do the Dulwich Park Run on saturday morning which is great and is a flat fast course.


Ahh this one is perfect for me, sets off just down the road from my flat! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks Greta, have done both of these now! If you know of any nearer 7-10 that would be great!

Hello, please could you let me know where this one starts from, as I can’t see the road? Is it basically from just outside Forest Hill station? I am trying to do around 10k but starting from Perry Vale near the shops – do you think it would work if I just went once around the outside of Peckham park? Or best to miss out all together? Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:

@hojo - both the routes I posted are loops so you can obviously start/finish anywhere on the loop. For both the 5km & 10km loops I start just outside the Co-op then run north along Stanstead Rd alongside the railway. The loops diverge in Honor Oak but both finish basically at Forest Hill station (town centre side) - that works out at almost exactly 5km/10km. But I’ll link to the routes on strava so hopefully you can see them in more detail and you can create your own routes if you prefer:



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Thank you!

Just reviving this thread to see if anyone has any longer routes now? About 6-13 miles? Never got the hang of Strava, always end up seeing routes miles from here! Starting near Perry Vale would be ideal… Thank you!

Hello runners.
I’m moving to Forest hill on 1st September and doing my next half marathon in Beckenham on 23rd September. Is anyone else signed up? Are there any informal running clubs in forest hill?

Kent AC is a really friendly club based down the road at Ladywell track that has covers all ages and abilities. Highly recommend.

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The Dulwich parkrun is v good :slight_smile:

Could anyone suggest a simple route for someone that wants to take up running for the first time? I’ve recently been thinking of getting into ways to keep fit that cost little to no money and running seems like a good start. Preferably starting somewhere close to Westbourne Drive as that’s where I live. Thanks!

My local and friendly running club runs a course for those new to running twice a year. It’s a great way to establish regular running patterns, learn new routes and meet other people. The Autumn course starts on Saturday 15th Sept and I’d really recommend it. I started running by doing it a few years ago and have kept going ever since!