Running routes in SE23?




starting running can be daunting and the best intentions don’t always last in the long run. If you are not able to run 5k at the moment I would suggest getting a copy of Runners World Magazine, as it is always full of articles of how people start running.

If you can run 5k I would suggest you try and go to as many Park runs as you can.

Joining a club is an option but it was not a solution for me.

Motivation for an each run in the beginning is the hardest thing.

In any case, do find what works for you, and that may mean trying out different things until you find the right one for you.

Good few tips on how to stay fit

Good luck


After trying (and failing) multiple times, I completed the Couch to 5K program last year and have kept up running since then. I used the NHS podcasts which I highly recommend. What also helped was running in Dulwich Park which is quite flat and great for beginners.


Thanks for the advice guys - £40 is a little too far out of my price range though unfortunately. Is giving Mayow Park a try a good idea?


NHS couch to 5k is free and full of little tips through the podcast- you can use it with Runkeeper (also free!) to track your progress. Mayow Park is good though you might find it a bit small after a while. The linear park down to catford is a good if you are near there too.


If you are doing for the first time, from Westbourne Drive to Mayow Park, a loop or two of the park and back again would be a good option - you could head to the park via Dacres Rd although there will be a bit of a hill coming to the park. Waterlink way also good but a bit of a faff to get to if running (I go in near Bell Green Sainsbury’s - narrow pavements going down Perry Rise and a couple of busy roads to cross)




ooh great. I might give Dulwich Park Runners a try. I’m off to Dulwich park run this morning :slight_smile: Beckenham Half marathon tomorrow eeeeek!


Mayow Park is a good park to run around if you’re new to running. They also have some climbing frame and rope aparatus you can use for an extra workout.
I personally tend to workout from home using workout videos on YouTube which are free.


Mayow park is small but pretty. Another nice route for beginners is just to head down Perry Vale and then up to the Horniman. If you’re feeling up to it you can carry on along that route for ages (takes you through Dulwich), and if not you can turn back at any time/no need to worry about directions! Going round the Horniman gardens is always really pretty too – lovely sunsets, very motivating! Good luck!