Sainsbury's Bell Green recycling closed

Does anyone know if this a temporary measure e.g. for pickup, or if the recycling area is now closed. It was open last week (though overflowing):

Even the clothing banks are cordoned off.

I’ve got a huge pile of stuff to take to the tip - clearly there’s a huge backlog with time booking slots and all - I haven’t even tried.

What’s special about Sainsbury’s that won’t go in a regular green bin?

This doesn’t surprise me in the least. I live about five minutes away from Savacentre and the recycling area on a Sunday is disgusting. People clearly aren’t even bothering to put their recycling in the bins provided and just empty the boots of their cars onto the floor. claim the Sainsbury’s recycling accepts plastic bags, which Lewisham green bins don’t.

Ocado deliveries aren’t currently taking plastic carrier bags back, so finding a different way to recycle them is starting to become a priority!

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Food Banks and other charity and community organisations and groups need carrier bags to put food & other donations in. I have seen some posts requesting bags, in the past few weeks, on various online sites. May I suggest you search online to find somewhere near you that would welcome them and contact them? :+1:


I have seen call outs on some of the local Covid-19 Mutual Aid groups.

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This great community group helping supply Lewisham Hospital staff with food/other items, that has been donated by local people and businesses (and further afield) was asking for bags, often and am sure can still use some (or pass on what is not needed)
[Help Lewisham Hospital] FACEBOOK Link (


Thanks for the suggestions on carrier bag recycling. I found an old post “Reusable shopping bags?” and got in touch with the Malham Rd Foodbank over the weekend and dropped them off. They are open 5-9, Mon - Fri. Next time I will order an extra bag of cupboard supplies and take that with the bags too.

The Sainsbury’s recycling was still cordoned off on Sunday.


Yes, thanks I had no idea either. I’ve got a bag full of bags that the kids bring home because they always forget the proper re-usable bags, so I’ll go drop them off this week.