Sainsburys truck strike again

So Sainsburys trucks strike again with 2 more cars hit in the last 3 months. We have had our car have been written-off 3 times. Sainsburys say they will do nothing about it, and have closed our case saying it’s fine. Can anyone help with getting some publicity on this?

Isn’t it the case that leaving the site of an accident in which you have been involved and have not reported it to the police or exchanged details is a statutory offence ?

Would assume it would have gone “unnoticed” by the driver.

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Hmmm - therefore does it not transfer the obligation to the employer to ensure their drivers do not break the law.

What responsibility do they have when a driver returns to depot with damage that is un-explained.?

I have experienced un-reported damage in the last year - it is costly and time consuming - and I cannot imagine what the consequences are for those who are at the receiving end of repeated incidents.

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In all honesty, working for a company with a large fleet of vehicles, you would be surprised the level of damage that goes “unnoticed” or at least unaddressed.

Doesn’t make it right of course.
Then you have to consider what damage the bars on a large lorry sustain when cutting though the thin skin of a car. Sadly, it is very little and is why it goes unnoticed by the driver.

All that said, there is a serious issue here which needs addressing, and urgently. Maybe Sainsburys would like to supply cctv when they next settle a claim. And see who is responsible, and how it is occurring, of nothing else, to avoid it in the future for all parties.


And this view drives the commercial imperative that a company should admit no liability that reduces shareholder value.

That is why we have laws that apply to everyone and are not geared to permitting wholesale disregard of our collective - and legal - obligations.

Some good companies adhere to this principle.

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Does OP have proof it was a Sainsbury’s truck that caused this damage? Why not contact the local BBC news team as it would be very interesting to discover how many other people in the UK have experienced this problem with supermarket trucks.