Santander to close next summer


A notice has gone up at Santander announcing their closure at the end of June.

Santander to close?
Santander to close?

That’s a shame - I was planning on opening kids’ accounts there since it would be easy for my children to actually bring money in to the branch to pay in.


That is indeed a shame. Both my kids started with savings accounts there. One has graduated (ha!) to a student account and the younger now has a mini current account. We don’t often use the counter services, maybe a few times a year, but when we do it’s been something we couldn’t do via a cash machine. We are often to be found lodging birthday and Christmas cheques from older relatives who haven’t got the hang of online banking yet!

The other nearest branch is probably the one on Sydenham Road.


I was thinking about opening an account there, as I’m less happy with Nationwide these days and somewhere local to pay in cash and cheques is very useful. At least we’ll have Barclays + Post Office, more than some villages.


I think all bank branches will be gone sooner it later, i am afraid they share the same faith as travel agents


I could see Catford as an alternative, but not sure about Sydenham as I only looked at the notice briefly, which does make me wonder if it’s going as well?

Santander have already closed in Penge, which like FH will be next summer with only one bank.


I always thought that about the numerous estate agents, but they seem to flourish pretty well in Forest Hill.


I suppose it’s to force us all to do on-line banking. Unfortunately ‘on-line’ services have a habit of not always being accessible, so what do we do then? :wink:


I have the opposite problem. With my job as it is, I struggle to access physical bank branches during their opening hours.

Online banking is an accessibility dream for me, especialy with next generation mobile-first banking (Monzo, Starling etc).

“hey Siri, send Liz ten pounds using Monzo”

That’s my kind of accessibility


Oh yes for you it obviously works brilliantly, but it’s a shame we all have to be forced to do the same thing! I do use the machines more & more these days, so perhaps they could have followed the same layout as the one just past Bromley South Station which has only link machines with a small office & a member of staff present for any problems.


I had to go to a bank to pay some cheques in a few weeks back and it made me realise that I hadn’t set foot in a branch in about ten years. I think more big branches will close and we will be left with the micro branches @GillB describes above. Absolutely fine for me but I guess some folks prefer different things…
Don’t get me started on cash!

Begins immediate download

We’re steadily rolling out current accounts, but there’ll be a bit of a wait.



Once you get your hands on a monzo card you will never look back😃 back to topic now!
I think cheques will go sooner than bank branches so I wouldn’t worry to much


My main concern is the reduction in ATM’s, but we still have free cashpoints at Sainsbury’s, Barclays, the train station and a couple of free ones outside shops in Dartmouth Road.

Also a couple in walking distance at the Co-op and Tesco Express.


From October 2017, banks have been allowed to clear cheques from images, so soon you’ll be able to take a photo of a cheque that you receive using your phone banking app. Also, a cheque will clear in 2 rather than 6 days. (Google “check imaging” for details.)

If anything, it could even revive my use of cheques!


What is a ‘monzo’ Card??:persevere:


Details here:

Monzo is a new bank. Accounts are operated entirely through your smartphone, and it’s very slick.


Ok then :grin:


I was considering opening accounts for my kids there. Until they are 11 they don’t get a card, therefore online banking is not really possible and branch closing will have lost them at least 2 new customers.

There is that saying that we change partners more often than our banks…

I notice that 30% of their branch customers use only FH branch (if 70% are using other branches too).

It would be good to know how many people are in that 30% as 30% of nothing is still nothing. On the other hand 30% of a large number can still be quite large.


How do you deposit cash?


I have my salary paid into Monzo, and made bank transfers from my legacy bank accounts. Monzo also makes it easy to receive money from other users.

There are talks of allowing cash to be paid in either via PayPoint franchises, post offices, or a partner bank. I’ll update this topic when they offer this service.