Santander to close next summer


Paying in cheques (checks) is the one thing that the Americans have sorted. Chase have had an iPhone app for a few years that lets you photograph the cheque, it OCRs it, and then despots it for you automagically. When we moved back here I used to pay in various refunds with my phone without needing a Chase Branch anywhere nearby. It was great. There must be some archaic reason here why you need to physically present the thing to someone to pay it in.


I got fed up posting cheques to my on-line bank (when the cost of stamps went to a silly level), so I opened a branch with Barclays. I can now put cheques in their letter box. I still haven’t been in the branch in the last 20 years, but I use the bank regularly.

I gave up on my childhood Abbey National account when I went to university and found Bank of Scotland much more convenient.


I am surprised that people still use cheques to be honest - I haven’t written one in over 15 years and when I got one recently it took me over a month to get to the bank. I sort of forgot what you are supposed to do with them.


Letter received from Santander:

I want to let you know that on 28 June 2018 we’ll be closing our Santander branch at 16 London Road, Forest Hill SE23 3JA.

We constantly review our branch network to take into account changing customer behaviours and the need to operate an efficient and cost effective branch network. Our review has shown that 70% of customers who use our Forest Hill branch, either at the counter or the cash machines, are also using alternative Santander branches. In addition, 54% of customers also manage their money through Online, Mobile or Telephone Banking.

The closest alternative branches to 16 London Road are:
162 Rushey Green, Catford SE6 4JT
212-214 High Street, Beckenham BR3 1EN

As well as using any of our branches, customers can bank with us through Online, Mobile or Telephone Banking. For those customers not currently using these services, we can help set this up for them, giving them flexibility in how and when they manage their money. Customers using Online Banking can also set up free alerts about their account balances, deposits and payments.

In addition, all Santander current account holders can use the Post Office for cash and cheque deposits, withdrawals and to check their account balance.

We understand that this may disappoint and inconvenience some of our customers. So, we would welcome any views you have on how we can help make sure the financial needs of our customers in the community continue to be served when this branch closes.


No mention of the Sydenham branch as an alternative, so it looks like both
FH and Sydenham will lose their branches in the new year.


Yes Sydenham is being closed too


What about Lewisham? I find myself now scrutinising every Santander window I come across!


They have posted impact assesments for Forest Hill and Sydenham

Not sure exactly how much help they are really…


At least someone has posted impact statements recently.



Yes thank you @starman but can we keep that over in politicos please.


Spoil sport.


Very subtle @starman

Santander are closing all their branches in the Lewisham West and Penge constituency in a undemocratic #LewPexit.
At least we will have borderless access to Lewisham East and Beckenham.


Ahem… ‘Politicos’ is that way :point_right:


A shame Santander don’t show figures for whether customers are choosing to bank at FH or Sydenham when visiting another branch away from their home branch?

That would be too silly as it wouldn’t justify closing either.


Does anyone know what will replace the bank?


Probably an Estate Agents ha ha!


God help it being anything that in any way represents mainstream or a chain!! lol
Whoever goes in there, lets hope it is swift so its not just left festering.




lol even I am not going to suggest that one!