Sash window repair recommendations


Does anyone have any recommendations for a sash window repair/refurbishment company at all?


There is a very good joiner in the Clyde Vale business park called Ali ( I think). He was very good and it may prove cheaper to get a new sash made than repair it. There is The Box Sash company behind Shannon’s but have not used them.

Great thanks for the info I’ll look in to both.

We used Guy Chadwick ‘The Sash Guy’ a few years ago. He both made new double-glazed sash windows for us and refurbished ones that didn’t need outright replacing. Very reasonable and localish (East Dulwich).

I’m not entirely sure if he’s still doing it, though, given that he is also THE Guy Chadwick, songwriter and front man of The House of Love who seem to be making a bit of a comeback! I just wanted to boast about having a bone fide pop star in my house. Let me know if you want his number, though.


Ha ha thanks @RachaelDunlop yes please if you could send me his number that would be great!

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So sorry, I forgot to get that number for you! Will message you now.

Rachel could I please have it too as we had an accidental window breakage the other day!

We’ve just had sash windows made by Fardin from Joint Joinery. Hand crafted and installed by Fardin - a terrific service and the quality is fantastic. They’re based in the forest hill business centre which are the units on Dartmouth road. Fardin can be contacted on ‭+44 7578 277487‬.

Fardin sadly let me down twice making arrangements and never showing up or calling. Shame. He had good reviews. Will not bother arranging again with him. Very unprofessional!

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Period House Carpentry & Joinery based in HOP Instagram @periodhousegroup does a lovely job…

Do they have contact details apart from Instagram?

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Yes, that would help! Edward on +44 (0) 7827 778843 or

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This is a shame as he made a beautiful sash window for me too and came when he said he would.


We used Wandsworth Sash Windows who did a good job.

There is a lower VAT rate for repairs to windows for insulation/draught purposes and make sure you flag this to whatever supplier you move forwards with as this could save you some cash:

Ditto - he did a great job for me. Good luck in finding someone that doesn’t let you down!