Saturday 17th Nov, the last day of Sugar Mountain being open



All games, memorabilia etc can be bought for a fair offer before it goes on ebay aswell as the last of the SWEETS!

Or just pop in to say hi :slight_smile:

P xx


Noooooooo :sob:


My heart is broken!


Wishing you all the best Pauline. Love and hugs from Norfolk.


Don’t worry If all goes to plan my next FH D Rd venture should be up and running in a few months :+1:

Massive thanks to all my customers and my amazing landlord @Anotherjohn for a great 7 years at the shop :slight_smile:


Thank you @Pauline for everything you’ve done to help this forum succeed.

161 members verified! And all your help spreading the word to the connections you have throughout the community. Your next venture is guaranteed to succeed on karma alone! Best of luck x


Knowing the conscientious way John does business, the next tenant of this shop is a very lucky tenant indeed.

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What time are you opening today @Pauline?


I’m keeping my fingers crossed you still have Black Jacks and Fruitsalads left. Will be popping in with the kiddos later for a last stash and to wish you the best.



Good luck and best wishes on your new venture.

As one door closes another opens. I’m sure you will have good memories of your many successes and you must move forward positively through that next door.

Glad to hear you are thinking of FH D Rd for your next venture.



The end of an era for our Dartmouth Road pioneer - and the start of a new one. Hope the day is not too bittersweet, @Pauline, and wishing you every success for your future ventures.


We’re loaded up on bonbons. See you at your next gig if not before.


Massive thanks to everyone from the forum that popped by today for either sweets, memorabilia, or just to wish me luck and say hi, I really appreciated all the community spirit and support I got today from everyone :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to a nice break after the shop is emptied and prepared for the new tenant which will be a great addition to D Rd - and NO it won’t be a nail bar, hairdresser, or estate agent!

Then in the new year I will be full steam ahead to get my new venture up and running, and am so lucky to have the support, knowledge, and advice of @Anotherjohn @Michael @JohnRussell and others to make it happen :+1::+1:

Fingers crossed I manage to get permission from the bodies I need too.

P xx


Thank you for the invite from you and @Bolgerp to take me out for lunch or dinner as a leaving present I’m looking forward to it soon with both of you :slight_smile:

I got so many presents given to me today, and the words in the cards I got really touched me.

Thank you everyone xx


Thank you for being such a community hub @Pauline and good luck with your new venture x


Thanks Hilary, you might want to give me some input in my planning application to LC in the New Year.

Olive sticks will be available if it goes through :+1: