Say 'No' to further retail at Bell Green



I like the idea of the secret skatepark to be extended, though I’m probably biased as my son & his skatey (not a real word I know, but I do have to try & keep up with their skateboarding lingo) friends climbed in the other day and loved it!

All I know about Livesay Hall is that Dusan (ex owner of the Railway Telegraph) used to host supper club banquets there which were really impressive, not sure if he still does.

AND I think THE Alexander O’Neil played there about a year ago.

I’m sure @Alice showed me pics of this with @TomAngel & I was gutted I missed the man himself.

For these reasons alone I hope Livesay Memorial Hall stays :slight_smile:


Why do you say that? Do you have some sort of insight into the minds of the local populace that others don’t have or are you, like the rest of us, just expressing your own interests? Parks and recreational spaces are pretty popular, although of course they don’t really make any money for anyone so they are difficult to develop.

I also don’t get the whole done deal thing. Planning processes are open to public consultation which may or may not be taken into account - it isn’t a done deal at all.


The hall will remain as it is outlined in the plans so there is no worry about that and no I do not have any insight i a am just realistic and some battles are not worth fighting for but please object and we might get a nicer looking Aldi in the end. I will sit back and watch while it is getting g build :smiley:


As you said … [quote=“Insight, post:98, topic:3995”]
you can’t polish a turd as they say and why should you



Am I misunderstanding or is there an illegal gathering and health and safety nightmare happening at Bell Green?


Not sure if they were allowed, though I did tell tne kids about tnis.

I might have told them & maybe they weren’t allowed

I don’t mind getting in trouble though :joy::joy:

Cause they had so much fun :+1:


With all the contamination on the site, should be easy to spot the skaters as the will have a slight glow :fearful:


Well they were all sweating when they got back if that counts, I think climbing in and out took it out of them :joy::joy:

Exercise is good :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Not just a new park in King’s Cross gasholders, it seems

Also this striking conversion in Dublin

Sources here and here


Our/Sydsoc thoughts on this coincide.
Thanks for posting.


Kings cross, Dublin , Sydenham surely that is a winning argument , are these developments social housing or is the campaign to build an upmarket development with views on the car park?


Imagination and sensitivity to local context can help anywhere, and people in any kind of tenure.


Yes, let’s just copy everything done elsewhere that looks a bit nice. That way, we’ll avoid the place being just another identikit retail p-what? eh? oh.


News report on BBC London.


Hello it would be a great site.for an adventure play ground for all ages with disabilities with sensor garden etc


Surely so would Home Park? Which already has facilities in it.