Schools Partially Closing

Forest Hill School has announced that it is partially closing due to issues with staffing levels. They have to be commended for remaining open for the exam years. I wonder will many other schools follow suit. I have heard a lot of parents are keeping their kids from school, probably the same ones that are not heeding advice about panic buying in local supermarkets.


I think most schools with be closed within the next 2 weeks or less. There were around 9 children missing from both my kids classes today, mostly (not all) being pulled out. In fairness many will have good reasons to do so, with parents and or older relatives they live with in the at risk groups. I don’t think schools are (or can be) set-up for home schooling so kids will just need a different style of education for a while.

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Yep , Sydenham Girls year 7-10 will be closed from tomorrow until end of Friday at the moment.
St George’s School has a partial closing , they have shut the Nursary only as of tomorrow, they are down 20% staff and 25% pupils as of today - I foresee a full closure on the horizon.

Kilmorie just emailed out to say it is staying open at present as per government advice, but finding it increasingly difficult to fully staff the school.

They wish parents that work in the NHS, care services for elderly or vulnerable, emergency and other essential or local authority services to let them know as soon as possible so they can “consider this when making decisions.”

Also Kilmorie wish pupils to bring in their book bags (or a bag) tomorrow to collect hard copy learning resources should the school close fully or partially.

This is calm and sensible planning, and good communication from the school. It is however also another step towards the inevitable.


Kilmorie would have clear & sensible planning as they have a very good head teacher :slight_smile:

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Well there you go all schools closing end of play this Friday, but they will remain open to children of key workers.

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So still not sure if I will be at work or not after this week. IT at this time is in great demand so we need to be on stand by at least.