Scrap metal

Hi all. I’ve got some scrap lead piping I’d like to get rid of for a few quid. Does anyone know where I could take it to?

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There’s a scrap metal dealer in Kangley Bridge Rosd in Sydenham . I think these days you need to show ID and be paid by cheque when selling scrap metal .

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Great, thanks Nigel. Will check them out

Can you let us know how you got on, please? I’ve got some to shift too.

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That was easy! Get there, put the items on the massive scale. A man writes a note with what it is and how much it weighs, they ask if you want a cheque or bank transfer, boom! Done. Take photo ID and something that proves your address. The money should be in my account within an hour. Thanks @NigelA and go for it @Beige - easy peasy