SE London Wetherspoons Ranking

Continuing the discussion from Capitol tops SE London Wetherspoons rankings (2018)…

NewsShopper has a renewed ranking and summary of SE London Wetherspoons based on TripAdvisor reviews. Unfortunately The Capitol didn’t rank so well in this assessment, making only 15th place out of 19 and beaten by The Brockley Barge at 12th:

I personally wouldn’t ever go into a weather spoons pub like ever again not a fan of the CEO either. Last time I went to one was not my choice and it was gross still in shock!! I never found weather spoons pubs appealing my view. Each to there own I suppose.


It would be interesting to see how any of them rank in relation to other pubs in the area.

Shout out to the Bird in the Hand - went to watch the F1 yesterday with my son (22) and they set us up with our own TV, sound and table service beers. Super friendly and lovely (having been guilty of judging a book by it’s cover).


I’ve been guilty of the same when it comes to the Bird in Hand.

Maybe a bit rougher round the edges but I’ve always had a great time when popping in to catch the football


Bird in hand is a wonderful pub, they would often go around tables checking if you need a drink anyway (pre covid), the staff are lovely and it’s got a great set up for sports. Cheap too.


The Hill is even cheaper but nowhere near as friendly in my opinion. Bird is a great pub.

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Yeah I’m surprised how cheap the hill can be whilst forking out for sports licenses and not doing food (unless that has changed recently), it doesn’t have a great atmosphere though.

Of all of these reviews, my favourite is for the Half Moon in Orpington.

“I will probably be back if I’m drunk enough.”