Annual Growth - 2020 has had a great year to date, with an increase in rates of engagement, topics, posts and contributors.

We’ve also hit an massive milestone: 100,000 posts.

The stats: on Twitter

Our Twitter account @SE23life is approaching 5,000 followers. We work daily to share news from our forum there.

We’d like your help: If you see an topic that your Twitter followers might be interested in, please share the link on Twitter with a comment (adding your comment/summary is important, it makes tweets much more engaging).

We’ll be on the lookout for your tweets featuring links to, and we’ll retweet them from our @SE23life account.

So if you’d like your Twitter profile advertised to an audience of 5,000 local people, please help us by sharing our topics on Twitter (with commentary).

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I love metrics. You can spot exactly when lockdown started!