Feedback 2020 evolved radically in its early years, with the help of founding members who helped design our categories, user interface and branding.

We continued to improve the forum in 2019, with a new system to bring local news into the forum via a mixture of bots and human curators. The forum saw new features such as “who’s online” and “table of contents.” Moderators elected to close down the General Politics section. We brought onboard a new moderator @ForestHull, who has made a brilliant contribution to the site, joining our long-standing moderators @Foresthillnick, @Londondrz and @applespider, each of whom has invested a lot of their free time to help keep our forum friendly and well organised.

In 2020, we’d like to keep evolving with the help of our community, so if you have ideas or suggestions, please create a topic in our #site-feedback category. We are more than willing to test out new features, designs and policies.

Thanks to all our members who have contributed to and made it a great venue to find local news, gossip, events and ideas.