Meetup: August 2016, Railway Telegraph

Join us for a casual get-together where you can feel comfortable just popping in for five minutes to have your profile verified, or stay and see where the night takes us.

We’ve had three great meetups since launched in May, starting at The Hill Lounge, then onto the Sylvan Post in June and most recently at All Inn One in July.

We’ll host our August meetup at the Railway Telegraph, on Stanstead Rd, which has just reopened in new hands.

Friday, August 26th, 7:30pm

All are welcome, and we’d particularly like to meet those who’ve recently signed up.

We’re grateful for your feedback regarding the forum and there’s a drink of your choice waiting in exchange for your insight :wine_glass: :tropical_drink: :beers:

Special thanks to our kind sponsor this month: @SydenhamGarden

  • :+1: I’ll be there
  • I may see you there
  • :-1: I can’t make it this time

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Shame…wanted to come to this but I’ll be in Scotland.

YIKES! The Saturday was a clash with the @FHGinClub, so I have moved our meetup to the Friday (26th) instead. Hope this works for everyone.

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The RT is literally at the end of my road… I don’t have an excuse not to come, really :slight_smile:


Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at the meetup.

Thanks to this month’s kind sponsors of, @SydenhamGarden and @ChristianAnderson.

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Will see if I can make it there


Just got here & catching up on some #FHFW work before you all arrive :slight_smile:

Oh forgot to say I’m in the top garden trying to save the space for us :slight_smile:

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Great discussions tonight :slight_smile:

Lovely to see you guys and to meet recent signup @Andrei and soon-to-be signup Andrew - Hoping to hear more about Friends of Albion Millenium Green on the forum, Andrew.

Photo was blurry, oops:


You had one job! :joy: