Meetup: May 2016, The Hill



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@anon64893700 It would be great to meet, say at The Signal, one night for a quick drink so I can introduce myself. I can do Weds or Thurs evening if either of those are good? Also Pauline and Londondrz if you can make it? Meetup: September 2016, Chandos Meetup: August 2016, Railway Telegraph is a year old 🎉

Sounds good to me. Let me know the decided day and I will plan my evening around it. Usually home from work around 6.30 - 7


I can’t do Wednesday. I’ve got a Forest Hill Fashion Week meeting at The Hill 6.30 on Thursday, so if you fancy changing venue to there my meeting should be finished around 7.30ish


7:30 at The Hill sounds good to me!

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Great, see you Thursday!


I am working in Marston Gate up the M1 on Thursday, so can’t promise I will be back in time, but will try for sure. Will send a DM on Twitter, or reply here on the day to let you know.


John (my shop landlord & Anotherjohn elsewhere) will try and make it tomorrow. Would be good if you could make it @Michael @thirstforwine @anon64893700 & all posting on here so far :smile:


I will try to be there - tomorrow isn’t brilliant timing for me but it would be good to say hello (and earn that tick properly!)


I’ve reserved the captains table at The Hill for my FHFW meeting at 6.30 & from 7.30 for Meet Up :relaxed:


Aye aye, cap’n! Cheers Pauline.

I won’t be hard to spot, for those who haven’t met me yet, just look out for this: :nerd:


I like the idea. Sadly I cannot make this meet.


Hahaha @chrisbeach :joy: it’s the big table at the back :+1:


Right I’m home in time but a but knackered so won’t be able to stay too long.
One question…
Where The Hill? I don’t do pubs


I believe it is what used to be called Question Time - and it isn’t a pub, so you are safe :wink:


Oh good heavens, this sounds worse by the second haha. Errm, opposite the old post office kinda? Up by Hamiltons?



hurrah! that’s the one


There is hope for me yet. See you there.


A real-life meetup around a three-day-old website, with just a couple of days’ notice, on a rainy evening… which was a genuinely excellent night out, with a good turnout. Forest Hill is full of community spirit, and it seems early adopters are always interesting people with good stories to tell.

@Pauline’s energy and connections have built a trusted community for this website in a matter of days.

@thirstforwine has generously offered to become a co-admin of the site given his technical background and interest in the open-source platform that powers this forum.

I think @anon64893700 may be willing to become the second moderator (with more to be elected in the future).

@Anotherjohn, @emmad and @Zoleipar - I have verified your profiles, and I will verify Maggie when she signs up.

Thanks for a great evening!

All those I have met will be made “trust level 3”, which means they can:

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For more information on the trust system, see here: Meetup: July 2016, All Inn One
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