Meetup: October 2017, Piazza Della Cucina

Meet friendly neighbours, local traders, community movers and shakers - join us for an #meetup

Pop in for a drink (and a pizza), get your profile verified and catch up on SE23’s latest gossip.

:spiral_calendar: October 20th, 7:30pm

Venue: @PiazzaCucina, 15 Perry Vale.

All are welcome. In particular, new members of the forum. We’d love to hear your feedback on and answer any questions you have.

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@ClaptonCraft (10 Perry Vale) aim to bring a selection of their finest craft beer.

If you can make it, please let us know:

  • See you there!
  • It’s a “maybe”
  • Can’t make it this time

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Argh - was all set to make it. Until I ended up booking a flight to Scotland for that weekend.

Would be good to have meet ups every other month or quarterly. So Christmas drinks and a forum secret Santa next?

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So sorry. Don’t think I can make meet-up because of mobility issues - restaurant seems disability unfriendly on account of stairs.

Gutted to miss it, looks like a great venue.

Meant to be in Bristol but will see what I can do!

Should be able to make it, if childcare situation allows :slight_smile:

Hey there folks,

I’m putting together a couple of boxes filled with delicious craft beer for Fridays meet-up. What styles and abv’s would everyone like to see? I think I’ve got a good idea of what it is locals like to drink around these parts and also reading through every beer related post on the forum has given me some good leads. Any further suggestions would be more then welcome.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all Friday,

Cheers (Ben)

Excellent! Fruity Pales and IPAs for me please :beers:

Looking forward to Friday!


I should also ask, is anyone gluten intolerant? We have a large range of gluten free beers if so :+1:

Okay, If there is gluten free beer i might have to come along! :beer:


I would like to come to this one.
Would @topofthehill also come if some of us can do whatever lifting needs to be done to overcome the lack of level access etc?


What styles of gluten free beer would you be most interested in Michael? We’ve got:

Session IPA’s
Black IPA’s and Stouts

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That is so kind of you Anotherjohn. I understand there are only a couple of stairs down to the restaurant but looking at the pictures there aremany stairs up to the garden which I really could not do.

I will be at an event at the All Inn One tomorrow at lunch time tomorrow and, if Italian restaurant is open then, will do a “recce”.

Thank you so much for your very kind thoughtfulness.

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Being a gentleman, i tend to prefer blondes.

Not open lunch time. However, I understand steps would be too much for me, and for reasons that I won’t go into here, carrying is a definite no no.
But would like to come to any future meet up at any venue which is disabled friendly
Once again, thank you Anotherjohn.


Enjoy the meetup this evening, unfortunately my back is rather painful so I’m going to have to miss out on drinks - even gluten free beer (I’ll just have to buy some next week).

Hey folks,

Sorry to be a pain. We’re short one card machine tonight, so could I please encourage everyone attending tonight to bring cash with them tonight if you’d be interested in buying from our box of beers.

Looking forward to later this evening.

Cheers (Ben)


@PiazzaCucina have very kindly reserved us the upstairs area:

Head up the stairs by the main entrance to the restaurant - see you here!

Childcare has sadly fallen through since my other half is delayed at work. If he gets back by 8, I’ll try and come for a drink

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Have a great time.