Mobile App?


This may have already been covered (indeed there may already be one) but are there any plans to bring out an app?


Could this forum succeed where others failed? [May 2016]

How would the app differ from using the site on your mobile browser?


Presumably the same way other apps such as facbook perform rather than in your mobile browser.


Might this help?


so faster (better optimised) then? Facebook has various features which perform better in the app than browser, but I don’t see equivalent features on here.


The “Discourse” mobile app is available to download from the App Store or the Play Store:

It gives you a view on all the Discourse-powered forums you follow, showing unread counts etc.

You can tap a forum to view it, but what you’ll see is the same as what you see currently in the mobile website.

Notifications are supported for but they’re not immediate (push) notifications. For this, I’ll need to set up a push notification server, which is on my todo list


Excellent. thanks you.


This app just had an update and now lists updated topics from each forum:

If you’d like to give feedback to the developers, please could you do it here on their forum:

Thanks :+1: