Proposed Style Tweak #1 [2018]

Round Topic Thumbnails

…with a bit of a shadow

Square Topic Thumbnails (current style)

  • Round Thumbnails
  • Square Thumbnails
  • Don’t mind
  • Other (please comment)

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Web devs - if there’s a CSS tweak you’d like to make to, please create a mockup (ideally using Developer Tools in a browser so we can see a realistic preview). Then create a poll similar to the above. We’ll give the poll a few days and I’ll implement the people’s choice.

Round thumbnails it is!

I’d encourage anyone of a techie persuasion to experiment by re-styling part of the site and putting their design to the vote.

I am always open to ideas when it comes to improving and ready to make the changes our members want to see

Reminder to all members with web dev skills:

If there’s a CSS change you’d like to make to this forum, please post a before/after screenshot and poll.

I guarantee to implement any styling/layout changes which are approved by a majority of members.

Examples of possible customisations:

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