team changes and moderator nominations

Morning all

We’d just like to confirm a couple of recent changes.

Chris @ChrisBeach has left the moderation team and will focus on running the tech side of the site which he does brilliantly and better than any of us could.

The moderation team is therefore now formed of myself @oakr , John @Londondrz , Dom @applespider and Nick @Foresthillnick .

As I’ve alluded to, I plan on taking a break from moderation in the near future, so with that in mind, we’d like to invite nominations for a new moderator.

Please make your suggestions below. We’ll collate these and then when the time comes review the nominations and see if nominated parties are interested in taking up the position.

update I’ve been emailed by a member to ask if they can make a nomination privately - that is possible if anyone prefers, please message @moderators if you wish to do so this way.

Thanks all




As a long time forum member, I have some idea of what a moderator does and does not do. At least insofar the public face of moderation. However, with the resignation of the once omnipresent admin/moderator, it seems the role of moderator might have expanded recently. Is there any chance you could provide some sort of “job description” for the role? I’d consider it… and I know someone else who might given this possible new outlook on the site. In addition to general role and duties could you also address the following?

Time commitment. Surprisingly for the amount of time I appear on the Forum this is a worry now that there are only a few moderators. Will moderators need to be online at certain times, or expect to give a certain amount of time for the process?

Decision making. As there is no longer an admin in the traditional sense, Is there an established process for making some of the more complicated moderation decisions? By consensus, or majority, or is there even a chief moderator a la Len Goodman?

Forum direction. Nick noted behind the scenes discussion on things like promoted posts. Do moderators take a more active role is Forum policy now that the aforementioned admin/moderator is working on technical issues?

Liability. What happens online in a Forum can have implications IRL. Is there any form of liability insurance or similar to protect the Forum and it’s officials?

Thanks in advance. No rush on the response.


I’m not sure we ever had a ‘job description’; it’s generally worked as a informal process where each of us have felt comfortable to trust each other’s actions with occasional discussions/votes over items that might be a bit more controversial. The vast majority of those were in relation to ‘General Politics’ which is one reason that as a group, we were happy to see it go. We’ve generally been able to come to a consensus that everyone is OK with.

I suspect we’ll want to let things settle down into the new normal before committing pen to paper (or bytes to the cloud these days) so I’m glad you said there was no rush to answer. But your questions will help form our framework for that chat.


Ech! The New Normal is genius tv producer/writer Ryan Murhpy’s worst series ever.

But thanks for the response. It seems to me that the New Normal may include some fundamental changes in what moderators do, there are already hints of that. I’d consider that role but I’d just like to know, in advance, what I’d be letting myself in for. No doubt others might as well.

I can confirm that @ChrisBeach has returned to the moderation team - possibly not officially, but he is certainly moderating my posts.

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I can confirm that I am still involved in the site from a technical perspective and in cases where the mod team has stated that discussion on certain topics (eg interpersonal / police matters) is inappropriate for the forum, I will act to aid the moderators technically, and I will always respect their collective decision-making.

Likewise, others are able to assist the moderators using the flag feature. When posts are flagged by established members of the site, action may be automatically taken by the site software.

Can members please heed the moderators’ decisions, which are designed to keep our community friendly and locally focussed.