welcomes our 1000th member πŸŽ‰

Delighted to announce that our 1000th member joined today. :sparkles: Say hi to @Valetudo :sparkles: (a congratulatory glass of your favourite tipple is on us at our next meetup)

Since our launch last May, this forum has grown into a goldmine of local information, discussion and community spirit. members helped support the new Community Library and promoted our great local businesses. We’re lucky to live in an area where people spontaneously help each other out. Just this week, forum members helped reunite a very cute lost pet with its owner :dog2:

Sugar Mountain’s @Pauline has now verified over a hundred members, helping add trust and credibility to their posts. Thank you also to @No41Coffee, who is taking care of verification for Honor Oak residents.

Our tireless moderators @RachaelDunlop, @Londondrz and @Cazimo have hugely supported the growth of this site and kept it moving in the right direction.

We have plenty of improvements lined up for for 2017, and continue to work with the talented Discourse developers, who are improving the software on an almost hourly basis.

Thanks to all our new members for giving the site a try. And thanks also to our regular members who have been so helpful in shaping this website. Long may we continue.


Brilliant news and welcome @Valetudo and everyone else to the site! :tada:


Thank you all.


Welcome, I hope you enjoy the site as much as we do :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Where is the next meet up?

Friday 24th Feb, 7:30pm, venue TBA.

Have a Ladywell Assembly volunteer co-ordinators’ meeting that evening, venue tba. If only they could be at the same place…