Se23 Mums

Hi there,
Does anyone know if there’s a secret to getting into the se23 mums Facebook group!? I’ve tried to join several times and request is always pending. Baby is due imminently and feel like I must be missing out on vital se23 mums information!

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Hi @Ames

I think there are just 2 admins, so requests can get lost and / or I’m not sure they always get through.

If you message me your facebook name I can try and tag the admins which sometimes works - it’s Easter of course and they have families etc so might not be an immediate answer but ususually works.

And good luck for the birth!


Thanks, that’s really kind. Can’t see to message you, are you able to enable it for me for this time?

I’ve just messaged you, you should see it top right with a green icon.

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i’ve tried to get people from here accepted, to no avail. Would suggest trying the newer, but no less gender specific , ‘Forest Hill Mums’ group.

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