SE23 Parents Meet Ups

I’ve seen a couple of messages on this group so thought I’d create a topic which is visible to all.

We have a 5 month old and live on Woolstone Road.

Would be interested to know if any one has heard of any local classes or groups starting up again? There is a music class in Peckham Rye Park which has started up again but it would be good to know of something more local.

I’m also looking for local meet up groups. I don’t mind travelling to Peckham if that is the closest thing. Please let me know if you find anything locally - I’d be up for tagging along.

Maybe an SE23 whatsapp group could be set up? This is also up and running in Brockwell Park.

You could try these:
I don’t know if this is running again now

“The group will remain closed until January 2021, dates to be confirmed.”