SE23 seed swap?


Hello all

The start of the new growing season is pretty much upon (or already here for some).

I definitely have to many seeds of various types of things such as peas, beans, carrots, lettuce as some other veg etc as well as possible some flower seeds.

Is anyone interested in a seed swap of sorts, frankly I’d be happy to give some away if anyone wanted to try growing a few plants.

If you’ve got kids, peas are amazing to eat off plants fresh and reasonable easy to grow, and you can easily keep your seeds for next year!

I suspect this might not be the most popular topic in the history of, but if anyone is interested let me know and we can arrange to meet up one evening.




I like the sound of this! Screw popularity!


Tom we have achieved minimum viable numbers already - a promising start!

Let’s give it a day or 2 and then arrange to meet-up (in a pub I guess).


Forest Hill Society has their annual plant event coming up. Maybe there is a tie in?


I think my wife would be interested in this (she was asking about something similar recently) - I’ll give her a nudge this way.


Thanks @starman - I had a look but could not see anything there (possibly user error). That said if @Michael would like any seeds donated for this I can try to source those if I, or anyone else, has them.


Ok @TomHocknell and @armadillo (well your wife) how about next Thursday 21st? And if not following week Tuesday 26th or Thursday 28th?

@starman or @Foresthillnick any interest in joining us?

I’ll have a quick look through the allotment thread and tag a few people from there.

I’ll also post elsewhere once we have agreed a date - am assuming we will just meet somewhere local in se23 with a decent table.

@DevonishForester @kat.standlake.point @cara @ThorNogson @Thewrongtrousers @clausy @divya_m @Edd @JS @TimLund @Philippe @wattsicle @Dave_Benson you are all down as regular or past contributors to the allotment thread - any interest?


We don’t have an allotment but my wife has already started to grow more seeds than our garden can handle :smile: Maybe we should giveaway seedlings…


Hello All,

I am the ‘wife’! Been a big reader of the allotment thread but never really posted there.
I’d definitely be up for a seed and even seedling swap, I seem to have lots of tomatoes, aubergines, and a few chilli plants that have germinated (more than I need) probably a bit tender right now but all ~3cm moving past the two leaf stage.
Also have a hoard of seeds.

21st is no good for me, but I can do the other suggested nights.


Can’t do the next two Thursdays bandbi Madrid till next Tuesday but would like to participate


Hi Oakr… I think the edible plant giveaway has been scheduled for May 4th from 2pm in the station forecourt. I’m not sure though the official notice has gone out so you might want to keep an eye on their Twitter of Facebook feed. If I see it I’ll post it here too.

This may be too late for seeds? But if not and you see a collaboration I’d suggest getting in touch with Quetta Kaye who is the chair of the FHS Environmental Committee. That team organised the plant giveaway among the other great work (e.g. planters around town) they do. Send an email to you want to further that discussion.


Have started off chillis and tomatoes indoors as well as some flowers. Keen to know what others are planning to plant or that have done well before so would be interested in meeting up and will bring along some seeds! I picked up a packet of climbing spinach the other week that sounds interesting.


Hi everyone - sorry for the late reply- my laptop has decided to give up the ghost (well the fan).

Will stick a quick poll up tomorrow for dayes - have assumed a weekday evening but I suppose a weekend day could be possible also.

// I’ve not planted anything yet!!
/// you definitely don’t need an allotment, or even a garden to come. I’ve called it a seed swap but I will be happy to give away some seeds to anyone who just wants to try a a few different types of plants
//// never organised one of these so bare with me! I suspect ifnyou want to take seeds with you bring some small envelopes, bags and a pen for names / notes!

Thanks everyone

edit - @starman I’ve emailed Quetta - thanks.



Ok so please click away for days you can make and we will see if we can get this going.

  • Sunday 24th March - 3pm
  • Sunday 24th March 7.30pm
  • Tuesday 26th - March 7.30pm
  • Thursday 28th March 7.30pm
  • Sat 30th March 3pm
  • Sat 30th March 7.30pm

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Depending on the date I’ll try and pop in to say hello. This will be my first year planting veg so I’m likely to be using plugs. Might try seeds next year.


Would be good to put a face to the name - so if you can please do pop down. I suspect others will be more expert than I, but if you wanted to do peas or beans those can go straight in the ground.


still a bit early for us to plant seeds, we have no greenhouse and they go leggy so easily on windowsills, and leaving sowing a little longer usually pays dividends in stronger plants. Not sure we have any seeds worth offering.

We have potatoes chitting in the porch, and at the allotment plenty of rhubarb coming through, and lots of purple sprouting broccoli, swiss chard, still some parsnips to dig up.

One tip I learned last year is to use new carrot seed every year, germination rate of old seed is very poor and hardly worth giving any space to. Someone further up this thread was asking about carrots? I tried in the soil with limited success, but in raised beds we get very reliable crops - just need to keep the pigeons off with some netting.


Same here for planting seeds.I was hoping to get a greenhouse this year or even a polytunnel but it’s not looking likely.

I mentioned carrots also - thanks for the the tip - I’ve got some unused raised beds I might use for carrots then.

I’m going to try and get some potatoes in this weekend - mine started chitting without my knowledge, very long bits out of them now - hopefully will be ok.

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Ok so looks like next Saturday evening is the day - thanks @Cara and @LiseOfFH

@Foresthillnick @Philippe @TomHocknell @starman @ThorNogson can you make it?