SE23 Water Leaks 2021

Thought I would start a new thread for the New Year.

There’s a newish leak at the junction of Tyson Road and Devonshire Road. The upward pressure seems to be causing the road surface to break up. It will be a tricky one to work on because of the heavy traffic, and Lewisham’s reluctance to close roads for works to be carried out.

There is also one on Honor Oak Road that is flowing into Manor Mount. Been going on since at least Christmas


Water’s been gushing out of Havelock House service road, Honor Oak Road for a few weeks now. Getting worse all the time. It cascades down the road, then down Manor Mount to Waldenshaw. Last week it was icy over road and pavement on Manor Mount. Not sure if it is down to Thames Water to fix, or Dolphin Living who own the flats.


@SophieDavis would you happen to know who to contact about this leak? It’s been going on for several weeks now.

Yes, we’re aware and @LeoGibbons has been dealing with it, liaising with officers, Thames Water and Dolphin Living. The responsibility is that of Dolphin Living but Thames Water also have to carry out enforcement action against the property owner for wasting clean water. Our officers have written to Dolphin Living to remind them that it is an offence under Section 163 of the Highways Act 1980 to leak water from a private property onto the public highway and that they will be liable for any accidents that occur due to their water leak. In the meantime, I understand that Council officers gritted the road last night.


I hope you’re going to charge them for any damage done due to water erosion.
You can already see it’s lifting the road in places.


And Thames Water keep sending out their engineers, who shrug their shoulders and go away. Three vans here at 1am yesterday morning! Why can’t Thames Water fix it and then charge the owner? A gas leak wouldn’t be left just because it was on private property.


Its like a small stream running down Honor oak road now and water bubbling up from manhole covers at the junction with London road on the pavement.
In this icy weather at is dangerous for all especially Blind people walking to Sainsbury’s and the elderly.

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There is now a large build up of water on Waldenshaw Road because of this leak, as we are at the bottom of the hill and have issues with the road drainage

@SophieDavis @LeoGibbons it’s really not a satisfactory situation, but it sounds like only Dolphin Living can do anything about it? Not good

Thames water van is here now. Are you sure this is because of the same leak? It’s a massive puddle now and blocking the pavement and almost entering a neighbouring property.

I have been watching this water flow for a few days, I think there is some additional leak on London Road or Honor Oak Road but near London Road side happening sometime today, so the opposite of Tesco garage there are more water now. Then the water is going into Waldenshaw Road from London Road side.

This is the chief executive of Dolphin Living

Also their Twitter handle for what it’s worth,

I think there are two leaks - the one on Honor Oak Road that is flowing down and then another on Waldenshaw Road itself


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There was a massive leak on London Road opposite the Horniman 2 days ago. I don’t know if that’s been fixed yet. It has severely damaged the road.

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay. @LeoGibbons and I have been liaising with Dolphin Living & Thames Water, and our officers have been doing the same.

As mentioned before, the leak from Havelock House is a Dolphin issue (Thames Water have been saying that it isn’t their responsibility). Dolphin told us that the delays have been due to them not being able to find a commercial plumber, as the work required more than a traditional plumber. I was told yesterday that the leak had now been identified and would be fixed in the next 24 hours (so by today). I am not on site today so if that’s not the case let me know.

Our Highways dept will be putting extra grit down as a safety measure on Honor Oak Road.

I understand that Thames Water have now taken over the large pot hole/water leak that is outside 191 Honor Oak Road with their own barriers and traffic management, which would seem to confirm that it is a separate water leak to the one at Havelock House. We are following this up with Thames Water.

@Jennie I am not aware of a separate leak on London Road. Do you know where it’s coming from and have you notified anyone about it?



It seemed to be coming out of the road at various points opposite the museum. I haven’t notified anyone as the bus stop was closed and ‘lane closed’ signage up diverting traffic around it, so it definitely looked like it was known about

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Thanks @Jennie. It it doesn’t get fixed, please take pics and send them to me with exact location ( and I’ll look into it.


Up on Sydenham Hill we have a lot of apparent water leaks that Thames Water can’t fix because they come from natural springs.

This one is still here!

No Water on Devonshire Road for me!