SE23 Whisky Club


Next meeting of the SE23 whisky club takes place on 14th June, 8pm at the Honor Oak Pub (in the Whisky Room).

New members are welcome to join but should register their interest at
If you can’t access you may need to register for the group

We usually have 8-15 people ranging from whisky experts, bloggers, and directors of distilleries, to the majority of us who just want to know more about whisky and what they should be looking out for.

14th June is a excellent format for new members. You bring along a decent bottle from your collection, and we all get a small taste. In return you get to taste everybody’s whisky choice. It’s a great way to taste a wide range of whiskies in an evening. It doesn’t cost a penny (although we always have a few extra drinks at the bar afterwards).

And if you can’t make it on 14th June, there is generally a meet up every second Tuesday.

If you are interested get in contact via the Facebook page.

We are a friendly bunch!


LOVE THIS!!! And wish we could take part too :frowning:

We are very partial to a good single malt and we’re always looking to expand our “database”. Tuesdays are impossible for us though. If you ever meet on a Monday please let us know ? Here is a shot of our present selection :slight_smile:


We’ve got special SE23 labeled bottles this evening for tasting


Tiny bit jealous of those.


The SE23 Whisky club has been going for over three years. We meet every two weeks on Tuesdays at 8pm, in a pub in Forest Hill. Between 10 and 15 people usually attend each meeting to learn about whisky, understand more about how it is made, and which flavours we most enjoy.