SE23's Top of the Tweets - Nominations please!


Let’s find out which SE23 Twitter accounts people love the most.

Nominations, please - and we’ll run a poll at the end of the week

To Start the Ball Rolling:

In order of popularity:


  • Must be an SE23-focussed account (not Brockley, Crofton Park, Sydenham, Lewisham or London oriented)
  • No shop / restaurant / pub / commercial / etc accounts please

SE23's Top of The Tweets - Spring 2017

I think @fhsoc should be on the list.


Great start Chris :heart::heart:

Few accounts I do:

@paulinewright2 is my shop & 3025 followers
@fhfashionse23 is FHFW & has 1626 followers
@ForestHillArts has 483 followers
@fhfoodassembly1 has 320 followers

Couple of others:
@FHTAse23 has 398 followers
@Libraryse23 has 506 followers

@ChrisBeach could you link these straight to the twitter accounts like above, I don’t know how to do it :+1::+1:

ETA Maybe I shouldn’t have included my shop, so please remove if appropriate - though I use my account to spread the word about all SE23 goings on :slight_smile:


My nominations are (and I have to give more than one, sorry) in no particular order:



Cheers @Brett and @Pauline. I’ve added your nominations to the list. That’s 15 so far.

All - non-commercial accounts only please (we’ll do a separate competition for Local Hero accounts, Pauline!) :slight_smile: We’ll do the poll once all the nominations are in - so no votes yet please!


Cool, I wasn’t sure about what to add, but good decision on what was added :+1::+1:


What do you think would be a good number to stop at?

Maybe 20 with what’s been mentioned so far, if so can I suggest @FHFoodFairy on twitter :heart:

ETA @ForestHillFilm might be a good one to add :slight_smile:

I could find another three but will stop & let others make suggestions :+1:


Yes, 20 sounds a sensible limit.

When we start the poll at the end of the week we could have voters choose their favourite Twitter account (1 vote per voter), or maybe allow them to add votes for more than one Twitter account, what do you reckon?

  • 1 vote per voter
  • 1-2 votes per voter
  • 1-3 votes per voter
  • 1-4 votes per voter
  • 1-5 votes per voter
  • :expressionless: Don’t mind
  • :thinking: Other (please comment)

0 voters


This could then be whittled down from say the top 5/10 to 3 votes maximum per person. Then a poll for peeps voting for their first, second, and third choices.

Think this might be a fair way of doing it but others might have better ideas :slight_smile:


Hahaha, I have more accounts that I will never admit too, like this idea a lot :sunglasses::sunglasses:

ETA the N in never :slight_smile:


I’d like to see a list of commercial trader accounts.


Separate concept, I think - there are hundreds of them, so a poll wouldn’t work unfortunately


I’d forgotten to include @se23dotcom (unfortunately I don’t see their tweets anymore since they blocked me). The omission seems to have caused a bit of upset over on TOSS (see below) and I’ve now added their account to the nominations list. Sorry Steve!

In case anyone was concerned, don’t worry - I haven’t killed any foxes :laughing:


They’ve blocked me too.


Oh. I just realised that FoxyNoForinners is talking about @ChrisBeach. Are you sure FoxyNoForinners isn’t Donald Trump? Some lovely #altfacts used.

I’m not aware of ever being blocked on Twitter. What do you people do?


Good question. Perhaps you could @mention @se23dotcom on Twitter and ask him. We can’t unfortunately (because we’re blocked) :slight_smile:


Will be kicking off the poll (on a fresh topic of course…) at 6pm today. Last call for nominations!


I’m blocked too of course :joy::joy::joy:


I’m feeling left out of the party.


I noticed that this site was reporting “http 429 (Too many requests)” errors not long after that was posted - quite interrupted my lunch time browsing :confounded:

Hopefully the two are not related?!