- first tentative steps

It’s only tentative at this stage, but I own the domain, and if I can find a super-connector “Pauline of Brockley” type person, I’d be quite keen to start a forum for our friends up North :slight_smile:


I know just the person for this :sunglasses:

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@Pauline - ooh - who’s that?

There are two people on my radar - Jane Martin and Nick Barron. Both are really popular bloggers in Crofton Park and Brockley, respectively. Both of them are involved in other forums, but if I can convince them of the benefits of our model, perhaps they’ll give it a try?

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Jane of course :slight_smile:

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I recently heard from someone who’s interested in a forum for #brockley on a similar platform to

Would any members like to see a Dot Life forum that focuses on the SE4 area (inc Crofton Park, St Johns etc)?

Any volunteers to help me start it, in terms of moderating, and seeding the forum with discussion?

Well, not everyone is one Facebook of course, but there’s a very successful and active group already doing just this.

I Admin the IloveSE4, which - even after FB’s large purge of inactive members of groups this year - is still has nearly 16,500, which I think makes it the largest community site of its type in London. The largest in Lewisham by an order of magnitude!

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Thanks @Ian_Richardson - good to know. I am a member of that Facebook group and I can see it has a large following.

If you ever want to expand onto the open web, and get the benefits of our forum software, let me know and I’d be delighted if we could work together.