Searching for regular cleaner?



Carmen cleans for me too and she’s very good. She hasn’t been available this week though as she’s been helping her daughter in hospital. Dan


Thanks Dan, that’s really useful. Hope all is well with her daughter. Will see if she’s available for a quick chat next week perhaps.


I had pretty much the same experience with this company a few months ago with an end of tenancy clean.

The cleaners were about 5 hours late, meaning we wasted a day of waiting and then our evening, and not very good in terms of quality (they even broke something minor and didn’t tell us until I noticed). When I called their head office to get money off due to these things whilst the cleaners were still there, it was obvious that the cleaners themselves were having arguments with the company who was employing them - seemed like the company was quoting people time / cost for jobs without seeing the actual effort required, meaning they didn’t have time to do jobs to a good enough standard and were then having to travel significant distances across London at peak times to their next job - none of which they had time for!

Would not recommend this company either.