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Continuing the discussion from Expectant parents?:

Good news - we’ve made some “baby steps” tailoring toward parents:

  • General-interest topics on local parenting and schools are welcome in our “Parenting/Schools” category. These are visible to everyone.

  • After seeing so many expectant parents join the forum, we created an opt-in category for 2017 Parents designed for more inter-personal / niche discussions. Topics in this category aren’t visible to the wider forum, so there’s no pressure to stick to local or general-interest topics here.

  • There’s also an opt-in 2016 Parents group.

:information_source: To opt-in to 2016/7 Parents, you’ll find buttons on the Groups list.

In case you were wondering why “2016/7 Parents” and not a more general “babies” / “expectant parents” group - our thinking was along NCT lines: forming long-lasting friendship groups between parents based on when their child is due.

If you’re a 2017 parent now, you’ll be a 2017 parent for the rest of your life. If, on the other hand, we had different groups for different child ages, parents would have to leave and join groups as their children grew up, breaking up social bonds between group members.

It’s early days and the mod team is open to suggestions and feedback. Keen to learn from the successes and shortcomings of the SE23 Mums group on Facebook, and to shape into the best online venue for local parents to congregate.