Secure dog walking (off lead) areas

I don’t have a dog (yet), and may never, but am forever researching for when we are ready to get one.

I’ve been looking at some breeds with high prey drives, which means it might be risky to have them off lead other than in secure areas.

So I was wondering, are there any enclosed areas in or near SE23 where you could let dogs run around who have questionable recall at times (eg sighthounds, huskies etc) .

There’s a dog park in the sports field by the station. It fairly small - relative to the playing fields but exactly what your looking for.

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There is a somewhat secure but small enclosed section in the corner of Honor Oak Recreation Ground. The fence that backs onto the train line is secure however the ones facing the sports playground are less than a meter high. The fence that backs onto the cemetery has a gap large enough underneath for my 20kg Rotweiller to squeeze through and have a good old sprint around the gravestones. The gates are secure and open on a spring. Good for basic train and if you attach a loose long line it should prevent any impromptu getaway attempts.

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Westbourne Drive has a quite large fenced park.
Can get crowded with regulars and their dogs so find a time when it’s empty.

It’s also never a bad idea to socialise your pup with others so it’s perfect for doggy dates

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We have a sight hound (lurcher) who we let off the lead in Baxter Field, (between Radlet Avenue and Charlecote Grove). She often has fun being chased around by other dogs. We have trained her to come when called, although she’ll often take her own time in doing so. The park gates are open 24 hours a day, so dogs can stray into the surrounding streets, and sometimes do - fortunately they are both quietish cul-de-sacs.

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We have a beagle and he has to stay on lead. Since he totally ignores treats & recall! But I have let him off in the enclosure at Honor Oak a few times when we’ve been there.

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If you have a car, then Cator Park (5-10 min drive) has a fully enclosed dog area with secure and high fencing just behind the playground if you follow the path. It’s quite large and great for letting dogs have a good run around/explore as there are trees and bushes to make it interesting for them. Our lurcher loves it. There are usually other dogs/owners in there but it’s not super busy so you can decide how sociable you want to be!


Thanks @JM, @GotDeletedOnce and @Clair for he Honor Oak Rec one. I’ve seen it, and taken my kids in it I think when they were younger. The fence does look small (from memory) and I’m thinking of a whippet and nervous it might hurdle that! I’ve seen in the past more people walking their dogs seem to do it on the playing fields which as noted are much bigger, though I guess dogs can run straight out if so inclined!

Recall would be my concern. I had a dog when young and trained her reasonably well, but I’ve read whippets and some other sighthounds, if they lock onto something will just follow through pretty much anything, roads etc which would be a concern. Seems some have good recall, some have not so good!

Thanks Kat - this sounds ideal. We could do on walk leads locally to the Honor Oak Rec, Blythe Hill etc and then go here, and maybe places like Beckhenham Place Park for more off lead walks where hopefully they wouldn’t chase anything out of the park.

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It’s also worth mentioning Mutley’s Crew, which is further afield (about 30 minute drive) but you can book private hire of their large field for £10 an hour, or attend their socialisation classes on Saturday mornings. It’s enclosed with an 8ft fence, there is definitely no escaping it! Schedule Appointment with Field Hire

Thanks - a good option to have!

I found this site but it’s not fully up to date (it doesn’t have Catro Park listed for example, but does have the Honor Oak Rec).